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Friday, February 23, 2018

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"you had that with concentrated pockets of Irish and Italians in the US when they first came here, too"

" "Are you kidding. "Are you serious?" "Yes. She was more gorgeous than the goddess Athena, and not even the finest artists in Rome would be able to replicate her beauty on asjan canvas.

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Best cock grinding compilation part 2

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Islam of course. The others are relatively harmless nowadays.


we've both given similar answers to you and you refuse to give it any heed. Clearly, the only answer is your answer


Begs me to ask, why are these Liberals so engage with gender issues? whats the deal with gender? why do they give into so much BS on gender? Like say Turd boy, he would rather show he's support to the gay parade rather than showing support to the veterans. tsited logic and Wynne's latest drama about dropping of the race is because they want to be honest with the people. Really? So all along she is being dishonest with Ontarians?


As I remember all the guys with less than a month or two to go were demobbed. It added to a remarkable regimental history. My youngest grandson was thrilled to get my two cap badges recently. Glosters is (was?) the only regt to have a rear badge. He is a military history buff.


"Whhhaaaaa!" I'm quoting you.


Yes. Anything can be added to it. There is a process


Mountains of evidence...and mountains of extrapolation, and vast oceans of gaps in empirical evidence...


You are the ones making extraordinary claims about something for which the evidence simply does not exist.


But here we are, all the data points to a beginning. Newtons law of motion states that an object at rest must remain at rest unless acted upon by an outside source. We cannot peer past plank time, all matter an energy originated at plank time. Matter and energy can neither be created or destroyed but the Big Bang says all matter and energy was created in a cosmic explosion if you will and expansion. So we are then faced again with what existed before plank time to initiate the singularity into expansion.


Yep. Again the question is whether they would have the mental capability to specifically


Just tell him you like giving beejes and he'll swooooooooon!


I'm running away. Who's coming with me?


That was a sad accident. The instructor should have been more cautious.


Please copy and paste any bigoted statement I've made.


Dream on for another 150 years !


Like your sex life


But then we're left with the puzzle of: Why does Jesus teach through allegory if it's all supposed to be taken literally?


Oh, the humanities!


You mean the truth that you only claim to have.


Look at the example of Turkey. It was "fundamentalist" using your terminology, Ataturk made it secular and it stayed secular as long as the military were in power. As soon as their grip loosened, it is becoming "fundamentalist" again.


You mean erik should have been aborted.


I?ll type really slow so you can understand.


Religions are not all laws. Religion is based on FAITH.


Their suffering has ended. I hope God has rewards for those who died because of the injustice mankind imposed on them.

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