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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

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"See! I Am a Member in good standing of the Order of Clueless Men!"

"Well, how about you either fuck him or suck him. I phoned Mrs. " "Your wish is my command, Master," Apriya thought back.

Frustrated I stuffed my penis back into my pants and I headed off down another path. Hellison broke her group in to 2 and set off the search a 50 meter circle to find them.

She padded off and I heard the water running. You wanna shoot your load over my hand?" she asked him. As he left the place following Varick and the others, he could hear the Doctor screaming at him. with one hand Dalton went around Rylees back and unlatched he bra.

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It's an understandable mistake:


NO...I'm trying to get you to explain why, if Chinese steel is so "shitty"... that it sells so well all over the world!


My sister is always on my side, I mean you need that loyalty in life


The questions can be answered individually.


Haha. I've come around...somewhat. Another thread, another time.


Youre notorious for wanting people to fetch links for you. Ive done so (with you) quite a few times. Night


I even miss him and me and him could really get into our debates with each other, lol.


Sorry i take whatever any ex-employee says with a grain of salt. Especially one who has a history of bad mouthing ex employers. So when you say he "hated Obama" . Then you now agree with him and hate Obama as well? You seem to take his judgement as gospel. Unless your telling me your agreement with him is selective. If that is the case what is that selection based on?


I'm already happily married. I just wonder about your motivations trying to stir up animosity between conservatives and liberals in the United States when I doubt you are even a citizen of the U.S.


Some do, but I'm guessing that those who have major depression just want the pain to stop.


Funny, the Old Testament is written in Hebrew. Do you know anything about language?


At first I thought that perhaps it was all drunk ranting. But....he isn't backing down on his comments so that isn't the case.


He'll need his toothbrush.


he's angry because all of us people who he says are inferior to him are all up in his shit, fucking his girl, living his life..


JR has a curious way to interact with the 7b other people on the planet.


im still putting the kitty ears and nose on you inmy mind..your eyebrows are geourgeos, btw.


"Tim O'Neill defines New Atheist as "anti-theistic atheist activist""


Are there really any morals? I can bet that what you believe is wrong another person believes is right. So when you bring up Christian morals and say they are wrong I can also say you are wrong. Which is right? Both are right and both are wrong. It is the never ending game of morals.


Time to send in the army and arrest and summarily execute all the treasonists.

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