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Thursday, April 5, 2018

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Tilly plays with herself in the kitchen

"Don't need to convince you, just show the world how much BS your full of, the book that gives you the information of your God also says you can't meet or have met him."

(If I were rewriting this I would tell readers yes this is a true story fragmented as it maybe. First time posting, there more tell what what you think and where it rate so far?.

" "OK" he laughed, "just jerk him off then. " I glanced at the flat, hardwood floors, old brick walls, a large metal kitchen counter, and no ghosts in sight. She knew what was coming. More and more people showed up and there was this one girl that caught my attention.

Angelika smiled she was glad Alan was on their side, plus the fact that having him near had made the loneliness a distant memory. There was no sadness or dread in her voice.

She valiantly tried to get the head of it more than half an inch down her throat but was not successful. I have deep brown eyes that seem to love to stare at all the girls walking past.

What the hell he thought as he looked down at it there was nothing there. Alice looked up at me almost pleading at me.

I also found out she was a pill head. " "How can you say that. as I reached the gate I herd him tell lil deb that it was time to get out of the Jacuzzi and "get something in her tummy", just in time for lunch I thought, as I turned the corner, first thing i saw was my buddies naked ass bending, i could see his balls hanging, he was reaching to get his help little girl out thats when i saw that she was naked as well, I froze since I had never seen him naked with her, she dried off and then came over to her dad and went for a kiss on his belt line just like she had done before except this time he was naked and he didn't discourage her in fact he lifted his dick and placed it right on her lips and held it there for her, at first she was just giving it little kisses but as he stared getting a hard on she went to licking the head, he started to stroke it and that's when she opened her mouth and he started to feed his hard cock in to his little girl, it was obvious that this was not the first time for her, as he was stroking his shaft, she took more of it in her mouth (his cock is slightly longer than mine of 7 inches but not as thick), it looked ten time bigger in her mouth, at this point I had my own hard on to deal with, I couldn't believe what I was seeing, I unzipped my pants and had my own hard cock in my hands stroking away as I saw this wonderful sight.

"Spread your lips' Give us a show' Touch yourself' The instructions sounded almost louder now and a bit clearer and hearing them only seemed to heighten my arousal.

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I'm so old I had to commission a portrait.


Yeah, so make sure he knows the address of where she?s going too.


Gosh, the scientific process is working, identifying its mistakes, and correcting them.


LOL. Your stupid comments are so much fun.


Oh man..closed toed shoes? I prefer open toed ones a grand majority of the time.


No - is it good?


While I appreciate that people have valued photo galleries, I am not particularly interested in seeing them. Thank you for sharing yours, though.


Yes. That's right.


At this time it is Islamic - they are the ones blowing themselves and others up.


this parallels me a bit.


Damn, I wish I had my phone!


Trump has no reasoning. He?s a moron


The church says that its message never changes.


I like OU and believe you me we've tussled but have respect for him. Sometimes it takes a while to see someones political perspective. I never took you for OU, totally different writers.


You had an opinion. It was countered by a different one. What was YOUR point?


You know, up until that point I was going to comment on the fact that of all the boards I read, this is probably the most civil, most well argued (by both sides) post on this topic, where either side actually seems interested in developing a greater understanding of the other. It's remarkably rare, really.


Donna is still bae


Pliny, Tacitus and Suetonius: No Proof of Jesus: Part One Pliny the Younger:


" Empathy For The Narcissistic Practitioner" by D Trump


But the 2A covers both: the right to KEEP - possess - and BEAR - carry - arms - weapons, not just firearms.


I am betting he is either a mathematician or an engineer from his method of argumentation. Also bet he is Republican. And would also wager he has never written or submitted a paper to any peer reviewed publication.


I was given the watch in Dec. '15. I'm sure they buy a years supply ahead of time. I left for 3 yrs. and went back.


So mohels will all need doctorates? lol


It only took one.


As I said, you are getting your head handed to you.


That explains it...the deluxe model


It wasn't an incendiary grenade, it was a gas canister or smoke grenade.


That royal wedding was beautiful. Long live King Aragorn and Queen Arwen!!


Actions speak for themselves sweetie ;)


Oh this isn't about me or my sensitivities. I don't get criticized for how I live ;) Another thread just made me think about women who do get criticized.


Far Right hyperbole.

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