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Saturday, June 30, 2018

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"Owww christ ! You just blew it !"

They had been in a night club and Bob knew she had no underwear on as they danced to the music. Must be all that stretching' you did on the floor this morning," Clara said with a suggestive wink. I quickly slapped her tits over the top of it. He runs his tongue along the outer edge of her sweet, wet pussy.

The rest of the round, we spent putting our hands in between each other's legs and feeling each other's asses. There she was, bent over the back of a park bench with a puddle oelly one mans spunk on the floor between her legs and a wad of another mans spunk in front of her face and it felt so good to know that she had made them cum for her.

"You two still talk?" "Yeah, Daddy. I stopped struggling and closed my eyes. Oddly keoly, it was confident, even bordering on cocky. "No, I'm paying for her freedom. Therefore they could do things Kely they would never have dreamed of doing before.

Taking in his partner, equally large in size I re-phrased my thoughts. My hand grabbed the panties, holding them to my face.

She began to moan into her nipple.

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Thank you! I am doing good and I hope you are too. :)


I suppose the Wizard of Oz is impossible to disprove if one takes it as allegory. But the first step is to accept that there is no Wizard of Oz.


So is this why you reject Christianity?


...because my parents will get on my nerves about it.


It might be. I am proceeding with extreme caution


I made my point. U.S. culture is an amalgamation of every group of immigrants that have come here since the beginning of our nation. Cultures were not left behind, they became part of the whole. To claim otherwise is to be ignorant of history and is plain dumb.


You may have been, but he wasn't?????? Puffed right up ??And Paul is good, he would never go into a personal attack on someone while debating a subject. Differing opinions are a good thing, because I think we can all learn from each other. He would justify the sandcastle kicking as you did something to warrant it??


You need to find a clue, use both "tiny" hands, bro.


Countries that consider themselves Socialist or Communist today have rampant poverty, ALL OF THEM being higher than their Capitalist counterparts. North Korea is a self-described Socialist state and people die of starvation daily, China is a self-described Communist country yet the economy is much more Capitalistic, although the government is used as a means to control the people and censor speech. Vietnam and Cuba are communist and yet have high poverty rates.


Been all kinds of gremlins on here lately. Appreciate your effort, though! ;-)


It?s always amusing when people present Christianity as a political persuasion.


I listen to this same BS for 30 years. Jesus spoke in a language that people of his day understood. It would be useless for Him to do other wise. Lets be honest, you are not that ignorant?


Until you?ve encountered demons and or other spirits, you don't qualify to judge what is authentically supernatural. You seriously do not have a clue of what you are talking about. By reading the comments in this discussion, you have a lot of company.


What kind of pill? sildenafil or KCN?

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