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Sunday, February 18, 2018

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"If you?re interested, here?s another group that thinks these tariffs are stupid: the US aluminum industry."

They ran to the second teams position only to find pools of blood and no bodies. I got another raise today and I learned about my bonus, too. I took a job at a local cell phone branch and was pretty excited to start work as soon as possible to keep my mind busy.

I was in there for a couple minutes when I heard someone walk in and he chose the stall next to mine. I spend hours exploring this new area getting some really good pictures of the snow covered trees and the wildlife.

with one hand Dalton went around Rylees back and unlatched he bra. I checked in at the Buffalo airport. She bumped the head of my cock against the back of her mouth each time. What a coincident.

Upon hearing this her eyes went wide and Chuck stammered and sputtered out something unintelligible and began to try to work his way out from under Chloe. As I glanced at myself, body sweaty and my hair all tangled I couldn't deny how much I'd enjoyed it.

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I got in trouble for arguing that point of view with Butt Stallion.


Well OK, I suppose that word spirit would need to be defined before science could prove or disprove it. Or even to try. There are various concepts associated with that. Carl Jung, for example, theorized about a collective consciousness. No direct physical sign of that, but Jung sought to prove it by inference based on his psycho analytical observations. Scientists have sought to objectively prove the existence of ESP, without success. Its helpful to know that, actually.


i thought i would NEVER say this to you,, buddy, but


Then are getting to it now ...


as opposed to telling us? or showing us for ourselves?


I say heartbeat, you say brain. The point is, at some point both of these are fully formed. Do you then acknowledge it as a human being?


Did you Skype from your car or did they let you in the building?


Hey! You look like William Shatner at his best. If you can't score we're all without hope. :)


Well, if those are FACTS, why hasn't Mueller used them to take down the administration! If it's so provable, what the eff have they been doing for 18


Once again, I don?t think you realize that the quote is from a movie and has context. But are providing another link to another thread. The only difference I?m seeing between you and the person who did this with their blog posts is you make sure to use the channel as your blog.


The fundie is dealing with a silly Shawsy.


Sex is taught in church?


With a tree you really have to if it has rings. But I was expressing a simple Jewish view. If you work with concept of creator God, none of this seems very difficult.


Not too bad of a stab. How MSLSD can possibly be in the "good: use often" category kind of spoils it though. And Raw Story is ranked rather high as well.


I believe in my God not because my region believes in it (my parents are missionaries, so I grew up around Prosperity Gospel, not Christianity), and I don't just believe it because my parents do. I lost faith during high school, and found my way to the conclusion that this God was the real deal on my own.


That does not apply because evangelicals tend to get reborn as adults. In the past, they were without Jesus, sinners, whatever. And society discourages religious faith.


what is there to even debate there???


I shall reciprocate...

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