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Friday, May 11, 2018

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torn - Scene 6

"Morals only exist in the human mind."

Whenever the baby was active, kicking and moving around, I'd tell Jennie, "She's really active today. My wife surprised me by putting them up to Pretiy nose and then saying that she would love to make love to the owners of those panties. You'll need an attorney to help you through this.

"Hey Derral, look at this.

torn - Scene 6

You can't zintta her any more!" "I love her!" He sighed. And well since then, I bet you can guess where I went from there ;). he groaned, the he grabbed his little girl and pulled her up to him and stared to clean off his cum by licking his own juice of her and French kissing her for any trace of cum.

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Two hundred years earlier, Mithridates gave Socrates a splendid reception and called him Chrestus (The Good). Using this for YHWshua was a secondary.


To an indoctrinated bot, maybe so. First you jumped wrong and thought I was advocating for scientific derivation of ought from is. Then you decried resorting to means beyond science. Now you suggest the whole issue is irrelevant. As if the issue of how citizens assimilate values and purposes (oughts) were politically irrelevant to a functioning representative republic. Well, maybe so, if you want to replace the republic with bowing to global elitists and their funders. Do you just like to rattle around butting your head against walls? So far, I see little evidence of consistency or insight coming from you. Perhaps your understanding of the scientific method is philosophically stunted?


I do have a big knife in my desk drawer in case stuff gets a little crazy but I wouldn't go somewhere I didn't feel safe enough to be without a weapon. I think your view is distorted by fear. Come on not everywhere you go do you need to take the gun. It's not a security blanket, and you're not an infant.


OMFG. This will NOT be my future,damn it!! *feels stress lines forming on face*


I didn't know that anyone claimed that Mohammed actually wrote the Koran. Is this an issue?


So what are the heinous acts? The Democrats wanted the families reunited and Trump agreed and signed the order. Next you'll want families of felons in jail to be united. Take your time and think. Sarah Sanders doesn't make policy. She is just a mouthpiece. You gonna shoot the messenger because you don't like the message?


I'm a relaxed agnostic, who feels that neither the theists nor atheists have provided convincing arguments for their cases. I plan to keep looking, and don't really expect to find any solid data until I enter the next plane of existence -- if such exists.


You are not born gay, and if you are suggesting that you need to provide that evidence.


Is 'having' a problem?


Great! Let me know what you think.


Yea, I got your drift. As as a response to the criticism of cherry picking, you decided to double down and cherry pick even more.


And here we see why religious fundamentalism is bad. A phobia of scientific facts and evidence if it even hints at the bible being wrong.


Well four of the ten are stupid and needy. So really, six commandments. And don?t you find it odd that of those six god never thought to tell us not to own people or treat women with respect?


I'm a person of faith. It's not the prove God channel. It's the religion channel. Get your history right.


It backfires too... I know it did in my case... My baby mom was constantly on my case about one female friend in particular I had.... At the time, I had no sexual interest in her...I'm a man of fidelity. But after my baby mom walked out on us... guess who the first person I hooked up with was? And it wasn't because I particularly had romantic interest in said girl either.... it was more to stick it to babymom than anything... as if to say "if your gonna accuse me anyways, i may as well do it..."


I would think if the friendship is important to your friend, there is a way she can respond that would, 1) ask her friend for the kind of support she wants/needs from her during the pregnancy, and 2) acknowledge how painful it must be to still be hurting and see her friend living the joy of pregnancy/expectancy and that she will be mindful when she is around.


No I fvcking can't lol


It proves HOMO-Sapien was right with a very detailed study conducted over a period of 10 years. Unless you've read the study, there is no sense trying to explain it to you.


and i would argue that the true causes of conflict in the islamic world are political as well.


that's a GREAT James Franco impersonation!


I am dealing with a reprobate troll who believes that a case of Syphilis is somehow less a problem than supporting this president...


That is very disturbing. I cannot fault you for holding to the views that you do; I would feel the same way if it had been me that experienced what you have. Take it for what it is worth, but I am really very sorry for what you have been through, nobody deserves that.


Yes. That's right.


Which explains why the later research refutes Bailey's research from the 1990s.


I think athiests know they have self control and don?t do such things. The believers think they don?t and when one goes off the deep end they just blame it on the devil and say he wasn?t a true Christian.there does seem to be a whole slew of untrue Christians. These believers also think that if they gave up their religion that it would entitle them to do any thing they wanted. That kind of person should stay in his religion.

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