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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

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Taylors Face Rained On

"You sound reasonable, and your parents probably did a good job instilling that. I don't know the shooters lives, but I think not knowing what is happening with them and leaving them alone for long periods if they show problems with defiance or school, is a mistake."

Alan touched Varick's head and the man let out a hiss. "You like it, don't you?" purred Kimiko. My mind began to race as I came to terms of what had just happened to me.

Taylors Face Rained On

I stood up and came to stand on the left side of the chair looking over and it was obvious that Dickey's helmet which was now inside Fiona's cunt had caused her to moan. I know we get a five percent commission on every purchase and sale.

"Master, I just want to thank you again for everything you've done for me. Alice screwed up her face as the farmer inched his cock into her hole, her cunt lips pulled open and stretched tight around the invading shaft as he slide it deeper into her womb.

What a coincident. Half way down the lane I passed the Landover in the gate way, it wasn't empty, I could make out a figure in the drivers seat.

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Oops! Spell-check strikes again!


Really? I thought Obama had won the popular vote.


LMFAO @ rabid weasels???? They are so vile looking, that's perfect!


OK That's just mean.


tus was in the audience?


I love the fact that through science man made the banana the way it is as he is holding it and not as God intended. Once people started to point that out Bananaman stopped using that silly line.


I agree, the more data that pours in, the less it looks like the Bible's account.


Nowhere in my response did I say I didn't like it, so I would appreciate it if you were at least honest in your rebuttal. I enjoy these discussions as much as the next person, and part of the reason I do is pointing out the flaws in an atheistic worldview. Don't like it? Follow your own advice.


All the Levitical laws are from God.


The Soviet Union was in fact violent and disolved due to financial insolvency, and as a result of no one getting paid. Worldwide, untold numbers were killed with the munitions that were pillaged and sold off. Most of the countries involved were robbed over that one, but that was mostly their own doing. Czech and Slovakia was indeed a "velvet revolution" but that was after massive demonstrations for a desire for a peaceful process, and that being the primary goal of those involved. it could be argued that Norway and Sweden was in fact due to blood shed, this was a direct result of the Norway-Denmark having lost to France, and Norway, having to cede Denmark, and other territories. The people held a referendum and the only reason it was upheld was due to the fact that No Norwegian could legitimately claim the throne because no one was able to prove relationship to medieval royalty as was required by European "blue blood" tradition. Iceland and Denmark get a pass as the Vikings they are descended from seem to have successfully expelled the bloodlust generations ago. Brexit as you say remains to be seen, but if you look at the level of violence we see in london, one could posit that the people were already paying in blood, and this was a large factor in why the referendum was thus far semi-successful!


Please read my other posts in this thread and then make up your mind about whether or not you want to talk to me. I am genuinely interested in what you see as correlation and causation as I have not come across that argument before.


My throwback is to before last week. You know, when the CRA and FHA weren't in any danger of getting repealed because of a cake?


Btw you?re speaking for her again- I want to hear her say she? believes Jesus is a sin sacrifice and died for her sons, and God in the flesh-SHE DOESNT have to convert to your false beliefs!!!!! you need shut your trap talking about who is a Jew and who ain?t! YOU are a friggin GENTILE just like me !


Yeah, if your woman is physically attacking you, it's not funny. It's abusive!


I think that most people struggle with it. I mean that there are those at the extreme ends that don't. Either way. But there have to be otherwise how will we know that we're in the middle?


They're not human. Didn't you hear the president? They have been declared animals by our president.


Please don't say the V word. It triggers me. :)


Do it then.


I don't like heights, but it's not that I'm afraid of the height, it's the fear of falling from said height that freaks me out.


Regarding the last part, I remember a "brain teaser" puzzle from decades ago in one of the engineering society magazines that presented a linear algebra problem in Roman numerals (and no conversion to Arabic was allowed). I think heads exploded tying to figure that one out.


I would as well but yeah I could take em both.


Very good to see this. A business should have the right to refuse business. There are plenty of places to get a cake baked.


Government funded sectoring


I think our intelligence knows a little more of what is going on here than NBC.


Oh, and I wouldn't let you talk disrespectfully to anyone else either, so I'm deleting. Remember the guidelines to avoid timeouts.

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