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Thursday, May 31, 2018

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"Back at ya youngster."

I glanced over at Chuck. ' She complied with a simple 'yes master' and continued rubbing.

"I've seen Truda have that same look when she has had a premonition or a regression of memories. She said no and I sat down in a chair near the sofa where she was sitting.

" He than slid up " suck my dick and if you ndue think about biting me I will cut your tits off" He than shoved his cock in her face, she turned her head reached out for his dick and he was soon fucking her mouth in and out.

" phpto better make up your mind soon I think were about to were this cunt out" He pulled her ;hoto on her knees and began sliding his cock in and out of her sloppy pussy. "We have a job, WE not you. Her eyes remained fixed Celebb me.

I told her we did not really have to fuck if she didn't want to. I thought about how I was just raped in my own bedroom and how my family was still sleeping downstairs, unaware that anything out of the ordinary had happened. " "Well, I am prepared to adopt the baby.

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And that stops you from getting an education, keeping yourself from getting pregnant or impregnating someone, staying out of jail how?


Suppose that gods represent divine properties. Ninkasi would represent beer and intoxication, which are divine properties. YHWH evolved from a tribal god to the


He can ban all he wants.


You misunderstand. I dont care if religion itself dwindles. I dont care that Islam will likely take the majority position Christians once held (and those are just plain facts).


science, education, charity, healthcare, ending slavery....on and on.


Funny thing about this meme, it shows the problem of allowing the government to be in charge of two of your 3 basic needs.


LOL so you need to go in to a specific detail to be able to maintain the picture of the muslim terrorism attacks?


At what point in life did you realize that people were laughing at you and not with you?


The D.C. Metrorail and MARC trains are clean, but the Metrobuses are filthy.


Women are definitely second class citizens as far as the bible is concerned. Should make one wonder why church attendance is mostly women.


You are welcome to think so, next.


Meh, I was in Paris in the 90's. I didn't see that. ALL the Abrahamic religions are full of folks who want to make people bend their wills and follow the dictates of their flavor of religion. Plenty of the crap we deal with in our nation today is because of the stupidity pushed by Christians who thought they needed to legislate how they believed their "God" would like.


Sadly, so it turned out.


You are right. Stalingrad battle was the tuning point .


About to... ??


Do Not Get A Blood Test for Herpes unless you have or have had symptoms.


I wasn't trying to flag him. Personally I find that practice to be rude.


As I understand it,


Where the f are you from that you think ducks say "wah wah wah"??


You know me too well!


Boy you are just itching for fight.


Hmmm, I keep hearing that a woman's place is NOT in the home which is fair enough. Where do you think that a woman's place is? :P


Care to explain what your life has to do with the existence of hell and its Hiltonized version?


Anti-racist is code for anti white? Now there's irony. It doesn't matter what your skin color is, racists come in all colors. But calling out one race as "racist" is a racist thing to do. Gosh, try some logic. No people group should ever be considered all the same based on the color of their skin, but by the content of their character!!


You are wasting your time it is already brainwashed


EI is a federal program.


The world most powerful country has a moron for a president!


I say you ask for detailed instruction and assistance from a willing volunteer


They didn't. Plunder was the most common. Then probably subjugation. Then slavery. Then mass murder.


By all means hoard all your assets, retreat to your small world and make the best of what makes you happy. As an atheist I am drawn to a bigger picture.

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