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Saturday, February 24, 2018

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""Fair enough some veterans kneel. ""

Was this a dream. "What the hell are you doing?" he asked. We kissed for five or more minutes until I broke it to ask, "How about that back rub?" I moved first to her feet.

fashion model feet worship

I pushed him to his knees between her legs. The held hands, and rubbed their lamps. " He handed the automatic sppiler to me. " "UhRobert, Steve just woke up and rolled over.

I stood up and moved my dick ever closer towards her dripping pussy. As each second passed she moaned harder and harder.

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Faith is not evidence, and in anything else not religious faith is trust.


I have a yearning to be special. It is irrational. I also feel the need to be


In order to understand the Bible, History or Current Events it is FIRST Totally Necessary to understand the difference between the house of Israel, the house of Judah and the "jews." The Bible clearly differentiates them and Yahweh NEVER calls them the same people.


Lmao ouch that sounds painful.


I got a vague answer from his mother when I asked so it's either a wedding or he's going to try to sell me a time share? I have no idea what to bring for a gift. Next time I can't sleep I'll order something from one of the those 3 AM television commercials and not tell him what it's for.


In other words - it boils down to personal belief and not facts. As I thought.


Actually he was chosen as the evangelical's messiah to bring about a christian theocracy in America. The fact evangelicals would put their trust and adoration in such a despicable person speaks volumes about evangelical christianity.


This is rich-shaming pure and simple! There is nothing wrong with having your own jet and other conveniences. Especially when you're doing God's work of saving souls. Just think of all the people who will now go to Heaven because a televangelist introduced them to Our Very Own Lord Jesus. That is EXCITING! Hey atheists! I double dare you to get excited too! BTW God hates your guts.


I have little time for childish people that bring out the block comments. Block away or shut it.


Trump would never feel the need for a real excuse. If he wants to spy, all he needs to do is make up a lie about Obama being the inventor of campaign spying.


Wherever she wants... so long as it?s somewhere she?s legally permitted to be. :)


Evolution, as a natural machination and part of nature itself, accomplishes its main goal very well - to ensure survival of a species by allowing it to adapt to its environment to the best of its ability. The rest it leaves up to other forces of nature creating and shaping the environment itself.

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