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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

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""Trump actually has a platform too.""

I found out she was my age and that she had money. "I hear that you are the new guy here. " The first guy starts to run his calloused hand up your leg.

Alice knelt in front of me and asked how may I serve you mam. We walk in, Scooby walks past me and says he has to pee. When she came out I told asain to go make me 2 eggs over medium, toast, and coffee. She had brown hair that reached to just below her shoulders and green eyes. Not only did we find the rifle, but we also found a huge pile of money.

I know this is not according to but something has to give. He was roughly 5' 11" and I'm 6' even and just lean and muscular. Written By Ghost Pen. Today I decided to go down one of these new paths.

I moaned into my pillow He moaned too, recupe Oh OOOOHHH" and I felt his hot sperm shoot into my vagina. He pushed down hard at the top of my back until I was forced face down onto my pillow.

"Yes, there is" I intoned, "especially if you really want to" I questioningly added. Within seconds she felt Bob's cum as it shot deep up into her and she spasmed in yet another orgasm to milk every drop from him with the walls of her pussy.

His left hand was cale Fiona mauling her huge swinging breasts and pulling on eecipe engorged nipples.

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You realize how incredibly stupid that sounds.


"I am willing to be persuaded if you can prove that I am incorrect."


Hhhhhmm. Funny I only saw breitbart cover baby jails in 2014. Where was your outrage then? Where was theirs?


So you are saying we are too stupid to fix the problem we caused.


Music trivia for $500.00.


A simple question: do the people in democracy decide about how they live, or it is decided by someone else?


I agree about the homework so much. (No, not just because I?m a lazy b.u.m). Kids should be allowed to have enough time playing outside with friends, developing the


That is bullshit.


i don't mind that one bit


Ah. guess that answers my question.


Its only a quote mine if the preceding or proceeding content contradicts the premise. Nothing in the preceding or proceeding content contradicts my premise, otherwise you would have posted it by now


Disqus gremlins no doubt. :)


False analogy. He offered the other items in his store.


Escaped from 2 prisons so far : doing fine.


Why go to court when turning off the internet and an electric cattle prod would do?


I'm sure plenty of those Arkansans deny the existence of not only "a God", but probably all but one or three of them.


I tried but couldnt do it because I am on a tablet, which wont give me a keyboard when there is no box to type into. ????????


The truth always comes out. Always. And when it does people are going to want to tar feather the orange turd.


So no eyewitness testimony is relevant ever?


Well that is what the story of Adam is about. They and we have a choice. To be Obedient to God and thus destroy our selfishness. Or live by self and be our self. But then we are void of God and Unselfishness. Or we can allow to be "Full of God" and full of Love and in this case Full of Wisdom. As everything is in God in Fullness. He could not create what He is in Us. But we can die to ourselves and allow Him to Live His Life in Us.


Oh yeah I keep forgetting he has health issues


Yeah, I've heard Ma Ford is into the gin in a nasty way... (tell me Rob Ford wasn't Fetal Alcohol Syndrome) but some how her character attacks on Renata are allowed to stand.


The single payer option (i.e. the best option) was indeed killed well before Obamacare saw the light of day. Among all of the fallacious scaremongering Republicans spread about those evil socialist programs, they missed the fact that many of those programs provide their citizens world-class health care.


...Wait he helped cover up a rape of his daughter?! That is so fuggin sick, it makes my stomach churn.


Comparison of Jesus with Abraham is incorrect. The founder of the religion worshipping one transcendent God was Moses, an Egyptian priest and the follower of pharaoh Echnaton who was the first to pronounce this idea. Either of them can be compared with Jesus. Whether Abraham was a historic figure or not is of no relevance.


Clarify how? She said point blank in the OP that his actions made her uneasy.


Jim my previous post I mentioned to this hopeless individual she's making a complete fool of herself. She's a total waste of time. B


Protectionism doesn't work.


The natural course of humans is to move away from believing in God?


You've got us.


If something existed before God, God wouldn't be definable as a deity. The argument seems like a deflection rather than explanation. The universe requires some kind of creative force behind it, that is called in the bible, the word of God. In genesis it said God spoke things into being.. before of the end of the dark age in the universe (When there was no stars) in Genesis it records God word: "Let there be light" and there was light. People who don't subscribe to the bible call that the big bang.


You tryin' to be all fancy now, huh?


There is nothing wrong with some socialism mixed with some capitalism . There is nothing wrong with religious freedom either. What creates the decline of Christianity will be the same forces that will lead to the decline of Islam, ie modernism. Also, while listing the attacks by Muslims in Europe, you seem to ignore European attacks in Muslim countries. Remove the beam in your own eye...

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