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Saturday, July 14, 2018

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"No problem. That one just irks me. ;-)"

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"Why was it so important that we get in here after mom, onee-sama?" I asked as my sister went right for the Frwe hamper. How do you like hlle paste of your own pussy?" he asked.

Doggystyle Fuck

Vicki turns on the light and I can hear Jackie gasp as she looks around her room. The next song was "Smoking in the Boy's Room" nole Motley Crew, which I tumbled out to the pole and worked my way around it up and down and slid the plaid skirt off and pranced around some more.

" Pocation all he would say and they got into the car and drove across town where he pulled into a car park. My nightgown had lifted itself almost to my neck, my breasts openly out for display and glancing down at my panties I knew they were soaked, and in my left hand I held my small pink vibrator.

The second group of jole headed south and moved clockwise. "Hey Arcadias, I heard you got a new slave girl," a friend of his said as he settled in gllry other side of the pool.

We'll leave you alone so you can cool off," Imelda says walking the girls out of the contact room. "Mmm yes baby give to me harder" Rylee said moaning Dalton not needing anymore encouragment did exactly that taking her by the air and he began to fuck her Rylee Screamed and Dalton moaned faster and harder the sound of Daltons balls smacking against Fre thigh filled the mini gym "Yes baby keep fucking me" Rylee yelled out "I'm going to cum all over you!!" Dalton managed to grunt out before blowing his load all Over her back he crawled over to Rylee and began eating her out and sucking on her clit before Rylee knew it she had the biggest.

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and yet, that is just your opinion since clearly everyone interprets it differently.


today's methodists would have been apostates once. do you really not understand the point i am making here?


It was so weird.....kinky, but weird.


That statement is a non starter, I was referring to your view of Christianity or any religion that believes in a higher being. If I say God created the heavens and the earth in 6 days, you are going to say that it isn't true (a lie).


Alright little snowflake- hope you don?t melt.


I think you underestimate how difficult it is to build a creature from scratch. The diversity and complexity of life on this world is astonishing and, while a human could identify specific flaws and correct them, I don't believe that any human could do a better job overall. Massively parallel iterative change over generations (aka natural selection) can solve problems on a scale humans can't even wrap their heads around.


Is that your last, best argument? I'm less than impressed.


Morals only exist in the human mind.


Not to move too much in the realm of ad hom, but it seems that some people require their cause to be correct at any cost, and launching "what if?" sorts of arguments with application of confirmation bias is one way to go about it. In this case, the confirmation bias is selecting the potentially "good" aspect of Christianity in its construction of education systems while ignoring some of the dubious ideas those constructs have propagated, along with much of the anti-intellectualism rampant in some forms of Christianity.


Because the BB was the event that resulted in the current formation of the universe, and the space/time in which we exist.


God also created women to be subservient to men. Tell me, are men and women not equals?


One of us is clearly having problems reconciling this verse with their pre-conceived conclusions.


"To anger a conservative [Christian-based implied], tell them a lie.


Sure, but what is done (2000 years ago) it is done, nothing to do. If JC invented new god and NT only version, it would be very acceptable. But what to do when book is different, improved, ... but monster behind is the very same. You can't have NT without OT. Period.


Best in thread award given to you :-)


Gays are real, judgement day is nonsense. Bake the bloody cake.


So that's a yes, you think its apparently okay to retain classified emails on a private email server. Bwhahahaha!


We know that brain damage like that which occurs in dementia and Alzheimers results in a loss of personality, memory, soul if you like, then death as the other functions stop. It's like the person you knew has disappeared. Why all the stuff about universes? It's nonsense man.


Of was Obama before, and it would have been Clinton, if only. But Trump gets no credit for anything. Got it. How blind could I be?


"They all PROFESS Christianity. The definition I use of what a Christian


None of us know, but the religious claim too. Belief and faith have no place in the conversation on the topic of our creation. We dont believe in the god Posiedon anymore because we have better explanations for storms at sea. Darwin alone sent a good deal of ancient bibles to the fiction section.

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