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Sunday, March 18, 2018

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"If she knows what will happen when captured, then it's her choice, but any sort of 'quota' for the armed forces is asinine."

His friend laughed and thought he saw us kissing, so he said smiling "Wow guys, just could have told me" and then winked. "It looks ejrking you're pressing a little too hard for her.

" "I am sorry.

Gianna michaels in be my bitch 5 scene 5

I reveled in the dirty flavor of her bowels as Clint fucked mine hard. " Sandra turned to the small galley kitchen where she poured a generous portion over several ice cubes and made herself a gin and tonic. ' As my legs got sore and the voices goaded me on, I leaned back, surprised when I felt something near my other entrance.

"Damn, you're are a little bit young for me but Ill make an exception. It was 10:15 on a Monday and Rylee was walking the first floor as she was walking she could hear Daltons voice She turned around the corner and jreking him "Hey Dalton.

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No, you are not.


Hey did you see that other study I dug last night? I posted on this board I think?


If it were that easy, you'd be rich.


"Religion is the basis of society and morality and without it chaos and corruption abound."


Not silly at all.


For THIS particular person, you're right. But for those of us more responsible, it's better to have it on our person.


I see, I can relate. There messy too.


2 out of 3 ain't bad!


Maybe your sexuality is much less complex and is only related to the making of babies. The rest of us see sexuality as a complex matter.


Without checking the math, I think this is a great OP. Cool to think about, thanks for sharing!


I already showed evidence minus the proof no one gets that till I am properly acredited for my work.


As I have stated before, I have no desire to chase you down the rabbit hole.


There is the realm of 'mind', that does not obey the strict cause and effect laws of physical nature, that's basically my claim. Matter and mind operate by rules as different as chess and soccer, leading thinkers of all ages to see that mind is something entirely different from matter. If you want to read a careful and clever examination of this traditional human view, I'd recommend "Miracles", by C.S. Lewis.


First time offender!


Today 20,000 children will die from poverty and disease, 7.5 million annually, the flood was hardly trying given the population.


Really? Show me one God that science has proven impossible.


Wrong. Intelligence is about how one processes the information one has, not about the size of one's vocabulary.


I work in the NICU at times. 410 grams is not the smallest. That baby isn't even a black female. Not racist... females lungs develop faster and black babies lungs develop faster.


DNA, like all of God?s creation, is not proof of god?s existence. Believers may say it?s proof, but that doesn?t make it so. You first have to show that God is real and then, after that, you might possibly claim that he did and made stuff.


Prove it. Lets see the proof of this. I presented articles and presented this op completely off the facts discovered in genetics.


You stated:"Jim Jones was a Christian as were Bruce Lee, David Berkowitz, Jeffrey Dahmer, Sampson Kanderayi -


...Do I know you?


I don't agree.


Typical. And pathetic.


The best is the gossip and memes.

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