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Thursday, April 12, 2018

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"So that's a lot of manmade orchestration going on then...i guess muh and the Saudis were in on it too. Sounds like a 70s group."

The basterd that was enjoying my wife succelent desires stopped what he was doing and stood up. The bed squeaked again as he moved.

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I want you to stay in the car and speak to no one.

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Like Mrs Clinton did in the third debate


Heroin....ah, one of the Royal businesses.


That girl in that incident with Merkel was actually a Palestinian refugee, which made it doubly emotional for a lot of people... Which gets to the essence of the problem, too much emotion and not enough pragmatism, on all sides.


It isn't equal because the point of marriage is to marry the person you love the most.


Yes, I think he was an apocalyptic prophet, as I've said.


He was lucky. Imagine the crap the Corey's have seen.


You waste my time. Do you know the difference between the laws of science, physics and math from atheistic theories? No, I don't think you do. Let me speak to you as if you were a child (assuming you are not). You can see the night sky or at least you've most likely have sometime in your life. You see the same thing anyone on earth sees. We call it the universe for as much of it as we can see with the human eye. This takes nothing but your own personal eyewitness. What you can not see is a multiverse of 10^123 other universes that an atheist MUST believe in for our universe to exist. This is called a atheists fairy tale. Now between the two of us, who is forced to believe in fairy tales?


I don?t question what the Bible says? You must be confusing me with someone else.


You killed him, but I thought you liked him! A line from the best musical ever. :-)))


And to her, he ought to have to answer. For all we know, they may have an open relationship.


Of course I understand - grade school?? when students graduate


Murder? Christians murder today and claim the bible supports it. Murder wasn't "free for all" prior to Abraham either. 2500 years BEFORE jesus was even in a twinkle in his father's eye the Egyptians where doing just fine with VAST and specific laws and moral being convinced god knows the big picture or anything else is a dubious position to say the least.


Sure, as soon as you can apply the same standard of proof for your believe in God's non-existence.


So what percent of "abusing children" is ok with you?


Ours isn't. It normally takes over a year for even well documented people to get a visa. And that was before the ban.


I do NOT. I know better. Your God is false. YHVH God is true. He has proven Himself over, and over and over. He has also announced this to the world. His greatest proof of Himself is the death and resurrection of His Unique Son. Ghetchimanitou is fake. But really, believe what you desire to believe. It won't affect me in any case.


If Eden was so prefect, how did a serpent get in? Ireland has no serpents, right?


when i saw this, i origanally thought this was your post,, its got you all over it..


I do; the Apocalypse of Peter used to be canonical... have you read it?


The cat is going for the Jugular... Do not be fooled...


You can, we have one for ours plus it is programmable


It is the Religion channel.


Agreed. I may be cheap. But I am NOT easy.


I forget what we have so far.


Well, ok then. Since when is some insane guy news ? Obama was worshipped as the second coming for millions of people and they ....oh wait, yes they were.


Talk to your fellow socialist jim_hitler in this threadnyou two jave a lot in common


Which part don't you understand? It's pretty straightforward.


I have come to realize that a woman's place is in the kitchen. The reason is because whenever I am in the kitchen, my wife yells at me.


I was looking at cheese whiz at Costco the other day. The date on the jar was 07-12-18 so I didn't know if it was good until July or until December.


As a former believer who has had a lot of uncomfortable time analyzing my own motives I believe our religious impulses are part of what makes us human. I am an RN and I frequently have dying patients who are assured that they will awake in Heaven. I don't feel the need to disabuse anyone of that. Where I will resist it is when other people tell me that I have to curb my behavior because it offends them or their god. If your religion empowers you to get through your day then good luck. If it enables you to interfere with mine then we have a fight on our hands.


Morning!! I'm sorry that you have to deal with all of that with your stepdaughter, but it sounds like your grandbaby is in a much better place with you and the hubby!! Happy Thursday, and get your groove on!


Enjoy the comaraderie and support and spitting out coffee.

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