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Saturday, February 24, 2018

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"You are still mixing them up. You said it applies to the adjective which is what I am saying. Moral is a description to indicate that something or some decision or even an individual is right or good or ethical or justified. The noun is both the acceptable standard for behavior and thought in a given society or also the lesson learned in a story."

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Anna Bell Peaks and Iris Rose suck BBC - Gloryhole

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All He offered up was "Hopefully, some wonderful things will work out", "gonna be a great success ", "I'll fix it, others couldn't", bs, just an ocean of words, no influx of ideas, this summit, only a lunatic would trust it all an inch.


Can a state petition to be added to the list?


its a funny article that isnt partisan. Tired of trump supporters making everything partisan.


Question avoidance 101... that person got an A in that class... Let me guess a management type?


Ok, I was unaware of this law so thanks.


A person can onlt my be stoned after a trial with many safe guards. Including a ridiculously high burden of proof and a chance for the person to stop.


You cannot even read your own posts. She was already pledged to be Joseph before they came together in marriage. So NO you are wrong, AGAIN.


She CLAIMED Native American heritage. You're ignoring her very words.


Because we are violent species and instinctively it is base behaviour for virtually any species of apes? Its the simplest of solutions applicable immediately?


I agree, I know of no Mormons that don't believe we are a Christian Church. The doctrine amongst, mostly, evangelical Christians is that since we don't subscribe to THEIR creedal statement we can't really be Christians. We believe that all our rejection of their creed implies is we are not THEM, which is fine - we don't claim to be. While on the Christian spectrum w fall comfortable into the primitivist protestant wing we almost never think of ourselves as protestant, much less evangelical protestant.


Try in perception as an explanation. Do you really want a sound bite about a complex historical situation? Sure, simplify it to being pointless and offensive.


Ah come on, what do you really think?


I?m afraid only the weak, the incompetent, or the immoral need the threat of a punishing deity to find ?hope and purpose?.


How is that.


I agree that the 7 questions are not particularly apt. But the OP is interesting. I particularly agree with Stephen Jay Gould and Denis Noble. Being biased against religion is an influence in evolutionary science, at least among some scientists. The question is whether a sort of paranoia about "letting God back in" is hemming in scientific inquiry to a strictly reductionist point of view.


Yes we do know that it cannot. We have the Word of the Almighty God on that.


Of course you can be both. Nobody gets to tell you if you're a true Christian or not. That's between you and God.


"You are using a logical fallacy."


I looked at them, and saw this..i'm mad about it, and it's only about $700 dollars. To create coffee. And sit on a counter. ??


Archaeologists have the same basic requirements for being considered "experts" as academics of any other field. They have to (1) have a degree in their field from an accredited and reputable university, (2) publish their findings in reputable, peer-reviewed journals, and (3) refrain from any unethical behavior that might forfeit their academic legitimacy.


He did, love you neighbor as yourself that spells it out right thers.


What are you talking about? Guliani is still Trump's lawyer.


No, I don't believe anyone here is racist. So far as I know. All I suggested yesterday is that as a person of color (and I cringe using that term) I perhaps view the matter of presuming someone's innocence differently than perhaps many caucasian folks would, and suggested that those who didn't see my side of the debate, perhaps consider the lens through which I was viewing it. If I was going to accuse someone of racism, I would do it blatantly and succinctly. That said, I could probably count on one hand the number of times I've done so. That's not a card I play very often...


I wonder where this places homosexual marriages and sex within those confinements.


He's been playing some great hockey these playoffs. He loves the game and it shows


All of history is just establishing levels of probability. We could never conclude with *certainty* that Julius Caesar was stabbed to death by the Roman Senate - but it's extremely probable.


You know we can smell a Con from a mile away don't you?


TS. Ain?t that the truth! a pharaoh existed therefore ghosts bang girls and thus propagate god/ men hybrids.


Grunge music tho...


I wonder, do you consider it good fatherhood to slaughter your children that don't listen to you?


Yay! You didn't say "no ass"!


Your first mistake is NOT understanding that what God thinks is clearly known to us...


I support everyone's right to practice their own religion so long as it does not infringe on the rights of others. I do not support religious legislation of any kind or the government at any level endorsing any religion.


Nope !! And if you hear any different, they are lying to you !

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