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Sunday, March 11, 2018

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"Evil is a social construct, actually."

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Nasty Italian chick fucked hard by a Big Cock

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Not really but you are so easy to insult, because your comments are so liberal !


While this is bad for everyone else, I have to admit I am liking the lower pork prices, I picked up a 500 pound boar last Wednesday for $24.50, I am betting at this months sale I will be dropping from 4 to 5 cents a pound to 1 to 2 cents a pound for the hogs that I buy. Normally in the June sales I will be paying between 1 and 3 cents a pound for the 600 to 800 pound oversize boars. Cheaper pork prices work well for me.


It does not.


If it's not moral, don't do it. But that sounds too much like Christianity doesn't it.


LMFAO!! Twinsie I was going to say the same thing.


Why would we "live our lives" for things we disagree with?


"Christians didn't want these nations to be secular. Many still don't."


he shouldn't be anywhere near a cell phone XD


So, only marry a woman. But, marriage is a civil right, and whether you like it or not, it applies to ALL American couples that are of age.


India has good policies.


and the dead baby? Who protects him from a selfish mother?


What is 'wrong'? It is the record of what happened.


Insults deleted, Peter Mann. Unacceptable behavior on this channel.


Actually, no. Evolution is supported by a mountain of observable, verifiable evidence.


Progressives rely on low-information voters to keep them in power.


Someone needs to


The answer to question 1 is "Do you consider women people?" It's not clear the bible does, and there's no reason to think an instruction to "kill all the people" would include women (women make valuable slaves and marriage material.)


Yeah, yeah. We'll be waiting when trump clusterfvcks the economy.


Oops, forgot money is more important than suffering. As long as settlement amounts in exchange for suffering < profits, carry on.


Jews don?t think Jesus was not their Messiah


Thats a rather misguided view of religion don't you think?


So how would you prove that I was born to believe in a deity? I know that anything I know of a deity was taught to me by my parents, rabbis, and books. If I acquired it naturally, then I wouldn't need any of them to teach me.


What an a-hole.

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