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Friday, May 4, 2018

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"Movies is about captive profit. Stinking up an enclosed place us disgusting"

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Honey gold & Kira Noir get dat dick

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Ford has lots of support in Toronto and the GTA.


Oh, so now you're referring to impeachment votes? Speaking of idiots, perhaps you would look less idiotic had you mentioned in your earlier post that that is what you are referring to. You see, The House votes all the time on lots of things---several hundred votes per year, in fact. Speaking in secret Trumpkinese code only makes your posts look more incoherent. Do better, son.


Agreed they both were foolish


But if praying for guidance for truth works, why doesn?t it?


Please take a look at this.


For 25 years I turned my back to God- the results of Christianity we're negative. Over that period of time I learned 99% is not enough for God. And I am learning to only believe him instead of my hoped-for results.


"With a growing climate of violence directed at Trump administration members..."


you think that makes her less of a hooker?


The honesty's too much!


Look up the definition of "murder" and find out.


In that case, you'd agree with me that WBC are Christians. In general, I believe these kinds of labels are up to the individual. My religion, my gender identity, my sexuality, my political stance, etc, are all to be decided by the individual. I feel the same way about saying someone's not a Christian because they're not *my* kind of Christian as I do about saying someone's not a feminist because they are pro-life, or saying someone's not bisexual because I've only ever seen them with one particular gender/sex and they don't ever go to any LGBT/Pride-related things.


It is all hypothetical future guesswork.


It's an atheist standing next to a priest. You mean it doesn't mean Dawkins is religious?


Yes, don't we miss her. But we can carry on her work.


the way you handled it was poor in my opinion. my response would be apologize for my reaction and explain why you reacted that way.


Perhaps people don't see that prayer is useless because prayer isn't useless.


I wonder if b hussein will still be able to produce movies from prison, work release?


We were talking about the GOSPELS. There is nothing in them to indicate they were eye witness accounts.


"The burden of proof is on you to demonstrate there is such a thing as free will."


Yes, exactly. Lightning is electricity.


The biggest problem in the world today is overpopulation. The third world has over two billion people who live on less than $5 a day. and the population is still exploding despite over 150,000,000 people migrating west in the last 40 years. They are growing population faster than the west can take them in. Our governments keep showering them with housing and generous benefits but it is like a pyramid scheme that will come crashing down because the taxpayer will not be able to keep up with the debt charges to sustain them.Trudeau's only option is to dig deeper into English Canada's CPP to fund his mass migration plans


and me :) I used to be the mayor of Cuntville but I resigned when I moved to the lovely countryside of C*ntland


I'm not 100% sure what you mean. I'm new to the site. =)


Are you serious? The very fact that the husbands RULE over their wives does make them INFERIOR per the bible.


Read Hawking's "The Grand Design"


1. It wouldn't matter since it is a matter of opinion. Nobody can know whether Jesus would prefer cucumbers or tomatoes. Or possibly pizza.

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