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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

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Milf Gets A Pouding In The Kitchen

"I mean I am not saying it won't come to that, but if you have threaten people to marry you...better reassess your options"

Maybe living on my own would be good for me I glanced at my alarm clock. We were stunned I was too. Good, noobs we understand each other.

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Well, it was mostly feigned. You helped me out a lot" I said laughing and Aebb pulled out of her and we kissed a bit before we got dressed.

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Caesar desired their money (gold), God desired their hearts.


Any reference as to what legislation the government is pursuing to outlaw PP?


You say, "PROTECT" millions? The current PC nonsense wants to "protect" people from contrary views.


Next up: hair dressers with profound religious objections to straight marriage.


Sadly, so it turned out.


?? You?re right.


Read the comment


So by the same token, radioactivity can't be measured, only its ionization.


I asked for proof, lmao


and given Trump's tariff plans, they will get their wish. As yourself why is majority of economists, all of the GOP congress against his plans, even Steve Moore of club for growth fame, an extreme hard righty, against the plan.


That's right. Use the power of the government to crush any independent business that doesn't fall in line. Right, republicans?


I'm claiming that you didn't link to a science site so your source is automatically not credible, especially as it quotes professional deniers.


MY understanding of economics is broad. I know that Keynesian economic policy NEVER work. Between 1929 and 1932 Hoover INCREASED giverment spending by 50%, FDR put that spending on STEROIDS and we STILL didn't get out of the depression until WW2!


How far back do we want to go with Christianity? Like inquisition or perhaps divine right monarchies?


My belief that there is a god is based on evidence. Some of your beliefs are unsupported and even contradicted by scientific evidence.


Your declaration that I don't have such knowledge is presumptuous pseudo-clairvoyance.


Do you mean back in the 1700's when the 2A was first enacted?


It's very hard to tell since the indoctrinated tend to try and defend the product of their indoctrination to the bitter end.


any chance that you'll STAY in Netherlands?? PLEASE......


wisdom prevailed, even-handedness prevailed, America prevails. the system works!


Ewww that?s disgusting. Listening or seeing other people puke makes me puke too.


You don't get it.


Everything is a Global Jewish Conspiracy with you bigoted idiots.


That's a load of bullocks and you know it.

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