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Sunday, May 13, 2018

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Of Inner Demons (The Last of Us)

"I have long maintained that agnosticism is not only the most open minded but also the most scientific point of view, since science deals with falsifiable claims, while religion is best kept in the realm of the non-falsifiable. Ideally, there is no overlap."

She continued sliding back on my cock until her ass cheeks were against me. You get off on it. For the quality of restaurant and number of people, I was bkdy surprised that it wasn't over eighty dollars. I felt his hand travel up from my knee to my thigh and then to my panties.

" We all had a big laugh at that. After 45 mins you begin to relax enjoying the freedom of being outside with no cloths and being used as a beast of burden by a naked woman you have never met before.

"I think I should get our parents. 8 million each, but there are plenty of problems with the money, like how to handle it and how to account for it tax wise. I sat on the bed and we talked most of the morning.

Jen broke the kiss when she reacted to another powerful contraction. " Ellie hung up and looked back at the pregnancy test. As they walked to the car they passed a drunk asleep on a bench at the side of the road. "I told you you'd be my whore Alice, that you would be used by me or anybody I allowed, look at you, come all over your face with a strangers cock in your pussy in a country lane, you're a whore Alice and will be fucked like one".

'Rule 3: You will masturbate when I tell you' I could see she was getting worried now, but also getting wetter as her fingers were rubbing faster than previously. His short black hair was only slightly graying.

Turning behind me, I saw my 7" friend, glass with textured designed around the outside. Truda's eyes opened and she stared at Alan then got to her feet and threw herself at him.

Hell yes.

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Wrong. It?s 180-degrees the other way.


Edited autocorrect. Ty.


I don't think His teachings are crap.


So why do you think others have chosen for Him?


Even though I support Oklahoma with every ounce of my American blood, as a Kansan, the wind blows here almost nonstop due to Oklahoma sucking as much as it does. Hell, tattoos just became legal in Oklahoma in the last decade.


Not an opinion - FACT.


What do I expect you to do?


Is that their focus? Are they warning the people of the world that Jesus' return is near? Are they teaching according to scripture?


If morality were objective, you would.


Great image, by the way. I see nothing wrong with that image. Thanks for sharing it.

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