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Thursday, April 19, 2018

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"I don't want to do anything wrong and don't need god. Sin is a different matter from wrong as it includes things like contraception, a sin but not wrong."

"That should teach you to play with things that don't belong to you with out asking. She's always been nice, but she's very inattentive, which led to some bad test scores, and she does not complete homework.

Horny MILF Cant Wait To Fuck Hubby

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Never in this country's history have we ever green lighted compelled speech. NEVER, until the LGBTQ communities introduced it claiming that its the only way to end harassment, discrimination etc. (no one is stupid enough to believe that...but I digress)


Holding hands ? Maybe .?? ?? ??


Yes I did. I stand by what I said. The majority of the raping is occurring between the detainees not the guards. There will always be a bad apple in any lot but for the most part most people making that kind of money with benefits is not going to put it in jeopardy.


Pushed the pen, breathed by God


How?d your day go? All good? Sorted?


You have to shave off a lot of context and words to create a phrase you can sell to make anyone think a Christian is supposed to harm someone.


lol, you have the definition you just don't understand it.


There is nothing to reconstruct in Islam. Theologically it isn't a separate new religion. There is no a single new idea in Koran that cannot be found in the Bible, except the ban on boozing. It is simply a linguistic phenomenon: an Arabic version of the Bible.


"When your a pimp in the burbs"


Logic? Try it ever? Can not pick when it is convenient and choose not to when it conflicts with your superstition.


you know, Pope Hilarius was an actual pope btw


Easy for you to say. Not so easy for you to prove.


The concept is not, but the label is...


If society were to look upon religion as a affliction, and saw the problem with a certain compassion, we could rid ourselves of the negative aspects of religion without harming the afflicted.


Respected? Is that what they call it when some of your closest allies start talking about cutting ties with you?


She was both but should not have been venerated for all that. Same goes for the "saints."


Did you read my article? The Bible wasn't the proof I used for Jesus' existence. On the contrary, I used secular historians like Pliny and Tacitus and Flavius Josephus. Try reading first, it'll help you.


If there was something wrong with my post you surely would have pointed that out. But you didn't because there isn't.


You must know that I referred to you.

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