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Monday, February 26, 2018

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Puff Puff Pass - Scene 2

"I do, so youre wrong again,"

I walked over to her and took a sip of the hot chocolate and then knelt directly in front of her. " he said under his breath.

Puff Puff Pass - Scene 2

" She giggled. After all, I had lied about my age, size of dick (it was 6-8" in length with a foreskin that when pulled down made me look like I was circumsized).

I had thought that Sandra was great, but in comparison-well, actually there was no comparison. My legs were spread farther apart while his hand on my bush slowly made its way to my vagina.

In my chubbj it had not occurred to me that we were in the men's room and that it had to be a man that made me feel so good. The neighbour who I now knew as Ian was doing what any red blooded male would in this situation when stumbling in on a naked woman with her legs spread about to receive some cock; he was blatantly looking down at her pussy and heaving chest and with a totally show of expectance and brashness he reached down and pulled her right nipple making Fiona catch her breath.

in fact Wayne married my cousin Cindy and they have a young daughter, Lil deb (Debbie), she is a very cute and sweet girl, (I teend I have always had a thing for young girls), I would come over to their place pretty regularly and hang out and drink some beers BBQ and hang out in there Jacuzzi, they have a very private back yard.

Will you ever see him again.

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NYC high school graduates MUST attend remedial math and reading classes to get into community college, although they spend the MOST on K-12 education, over $19,500 per student! California has the HIGEST taxes in the US (their top state income tax is 13.3%) they also have the MOST homeless, tent cities ILLEGAL ALIENS and poor in the nation! Your turn!


It was inevitable really, what with the 78 cats n' all :)


Man flashback city! Fez from That 70?s Show, American Pie references, Howard Stern being relevant.


Some of the stories are beyond satan himself.


And has become significantly more enforced since the bully suicide cases.


Stop telling me to leave the toilet seat down after peeing! Why do I have to put the toilet seat down after peeing, but you don't have to put the toilet set UP?


Ok but let me get the popcorn first.


Whoever has a boat, usually wins.


I get the essence of what you're saying... I adore the works of JS Bach and I have to concede that they would not have been as they are without some element of supernatural fantasy.


I dunno, pavement hurts worse. I know this from bitter, bitter experience


The "views" of the writers of scripture [in the Bible] are not their views, but God's Word. Their views would not be considered


Actually its not the same and he is wrong. That's like saying people who support law and order are pro-death penalty. Wanting people to have a choice isn't the same as wanting people to MAKE that choice.


Who destroyed the unions. Organizations with mandatory dues should be called welds not unions.


Can you read and understand text?


Here is the entire passage in Annals XV.44


*squee* *squee* *squee*


I also pray for you, that you will see the light of truth that has been concealed and twisted to fit within a religious premise, that, which most unfortunate, the provider of God and the provider of Evil within themselves. A true hypocrisy of how the Ultimate Good, can become the Ultimate Bad (Evil).


Then select a more befitting word, but it does not remove the fact that one must make an unverifiable axiom to begin logic.


You say nothing.


Stupid pedophile cum gurgler! Are you an illegal pedophile moron? Have you got a birth certificate?


He won?t be in jail if i am on that jury.


Very helpful ??


..While tailgating going 15 over the limit...


Arbustin, thanks for the new information. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I "knew" that at least one splinter group existed, though still identifying itself as LDS, and the Remnant movement must be what I thought I had heard about. And they are similar to some "true but disaffected" Scientology groups who meet in each others' homes. Thanks again for your informative reply.


You must live outside Ontariowe.


It's no good making stuff up and lying to try and justify the unjustifiable nonsense of religion and deny the most obvious benefits of atheism.


business arent forced to serve anyone and everyone. They can refuse for several reasons. They just cant discriminate against a protected class. Those are the laws, deal with it.


Sure, but most do not count as the same god. Much less when they are f*cking each other and having kids


Freedom to 'think' for one's self has many variable ways of be expressed within laws of the land.


A spontaneous invention of language also suggests a god or at least some guiding force that would influence events otherwise language would never spontaneously invent itself.


Liberals are already using Nazi tactics. Sabo just drew attention to it.


Christians love dirty sex.

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