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Thursday, February 22, 2018

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"Departing from the truth is not progress."

Yesterday flooded back to me. That second night we fell asleep making love again. I was shocked. "Hey, how about we see if those clothes fit?" Arcadias asked, trying to lighten the mood.

Teen Lindsey fucking her teachers

Yes they've caused a little bit of suffering, but just think how much more suffering has been Tendhi by them keeping these 217 genies away from all the other evil people in the world!" "Sophie, that's how the world works.

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We stood silent for about 10 seconds before I stammered "Can I suck it?" Sadly, he said no because he didn't want us to get caught. "Shut the hell up!" Before he could get up, though, Joseph kicked in the front door and entered the living room.

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"God hates fags" Um...would that be slander, obscenity or fighting words?


Sorry bout the KAG! . i thought most Trump supporters knew what it was.


I'm happy to concede that Mr. Intolerant Baker believes himself to be morally correct. In my opinion he isn't. Thankfully, we aren't deciding the case on the basis of what is moral but merely on what is lawful under current notions of American jurisprudence.




Yet you do it so well.


Businesses are always looking for competitive advantage and the trend is to associate the level of education with commercial success. If the schools are exclusionary in nature, they can never be developing the best talent.


Eh you don't have to. I enjoy the others hypocrisy


True, but I think it?s safe to say the American left grows more European, and less centrist, with each passing day. I am very interested in your thoughts if you disagree.


Okra should only ever be fried. Can't stand it in gumbo. Soggy and slimy mess up in my gumbo...No! Get that mess TFO!


How is 7 - 2 a narrow holding?


Are you sure you understand what you wrote? What the heck does the topic we discuss have to do with the blacks and sexual orientation in the US? Try to find another venue for discussing your problems.


I knew it'd make a great song!


Well parents should act in a reasonable way and leave their kids genitals alone. Like it or not people need governing.


The claim has already been backed up by other posters.


But George, what you're describing here


Either the murder of children really happened or it was an (extreme and ugly) literary addition meant to "boost" the origin story of Christ incarnate. I'm not sure if we actually do have historical records of Herod going on a genocidal rampage? (


I completely disagree.


Yep, Guffie has returned and is already stalking me!


So nothing you perceived as god through an event could be chance or error?

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