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Saturday, March 3, 2018

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"In fact, it was her trying to educate me on the language usage. Which resulted in a public amusement."

Jennie's mouth was at just the right height for my cock, but first I leaned down for a long searing kiss as my left hand found her milk-swollen breast and my right her tender pussy.

Pulling them down to her ankles she began to tease her. She had big cocks before she thought to herself, but never one this thick.

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Femalle was calling in for help because he was under attack. She dug into the food immediately and I slowly ate and watched her.

It would be impossible to lose this femals. "Tell me how much of a slut you are" It seemed louder this time, and I felt a stronger urge to respond. "Please don't let him fuck memy pussy cannot take anymore today.

She must be special he was thinking to himself, cause he never made a woman cum as she did. I was on the spotlight at that moment. " "Uhhdon't I get to do you?" "Not tonight-tonight I'm giving you a gift. "Come on Dickey she's worn out mate, i'll bring her back up in a couple of days" As i finished my sentence Dickey stood up quickley and spun and i didn't even see his punch coming in from low with his left hand and moments later i felt a heavy smash to the side of my head and then it went black To be continued.


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There are charities that will be happy to pay for it. You can contribute to them too if you want.


The old story, Christians interpret the bible to suit their preconceptions. Some have it that Genesis is the true history of the world, the more sophisticated explain that no, we must not take the words as written, they are metaphors.


right. So why should anyone trust the accuracy?


They weren't using it so too bad.


Jesus. So sorry you're having to deal with all that :( :(


Fine by me. It just means I can get a hell of a deal as long as I'm willing to work for it


If everything needs a cause how can anything be uncaused?


So why are the lefty?s so freaked out about it?


Here, it has gone beyond damp and is now...Moist. I can feel the moss and lichen grow


"wages are being bled by taxes"


Some moms are intense.


The atheists were already rebels against Christ before I got here. I don?t mean to ?ridicule? them but rather like to joke around with them, bust their chops a little, give a little religious banter. Roast one another. I take it back, no worries. All in good fun.


There is a Ninkasi brewery in Eugene (I think), Oregon. Excellent beers, by the way.


Ok, now explain how any of those are racist.


Lets start with the 4th question first. What role do you see God playing for a community in such hard circumstances?


It will never entirely die out, it will however end up becoming less important and relevant in society when more and more people learn that yes you can be moral, yes you can lead a good live and yes you can be a great person without God(s).


Yeah. It does seem prevalent in a few fundamentalist Christians who think scientific findings like evolution, a round earth, the model of the solar system, medicine, vaccines, space travel, and many other things are false and lead one away from God.


Paddlemanism is a religion. Just cheezier than most.


Dna and Evolution.


One more thing: the democratic candid not write them off, call them ?deplorable?.


That makes my heart go pitter patter!


Actually it's very simple, as I said before, no one has the right to murder regardless of the motive and whether it's to prevent some perceived suffering or what have you. Now if you believe murder is acceptable, then what's to prevent any, or all psychos from killing you because they perceive you're suffering?


I see no corruptness in your response why try and divert away ?


Wait....not that far above you said: "GOD does not crave worship."

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