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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

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"Because if time is the sequence of events usually occurring in the direction of increased entropy than existing outside of time doesn?t make sense because you were never in the sequence of events."

Is that right?" I breathed a small relief tattlos Clara nodded. I took hundreds of pictures of these two women as they tried to devour one another. I thanked the officer as I ran into the lobby. No, I live alone now.

"Besides," Abbie vagija, "most of the guys who brag about their conquests' are total jerks. "Look at that poor guy," she said, "I bet he has a lousy life and probably no fun at all.

"I will continue to ignore him. I had just pulled up my shorts and slipped on my sandals when she walked into the room. When Jamie learned to crawl she climbed over Heidi, often napping on Heidi's body. He looked over to the entrance and saw Ella, wrapped in the curtain hanging in the doorway vaglna standing in a white gown, a sweet smile on her face.

as I reached the gate I herd him tell lil deb that it was time to get out of the Jacuzzi and "get something in her tummy", just in time for lunch I thought, as I turned the corner, first thing i saw was my vagia naked ass bending, i could see his balls hanging, he was reaching to get his help little girl out thats when i saw that she was naked as well, I froze since I had never seen him naked with her, she dried off and then came over to her dad and went for a kiss on his belt line just like she had done before except this time he was naked and he didn't discourage her in fact he lifted his dick and placed it right on her lips and held it there for her, at first she was just giving it little kisses but as he stared getting a hard on she went to licking the head, he started to stroke it and that's when she opened her mouth and he started to feed his hard cock in to his little girl, it was obvious that this was not the first time for her, as he was stroking his shaft, she took more of it in her mouth (his cock is slightly longer than mine of 7 inches but not as thick), it looked ten time bigger in her mouth, at this point I had my own hard on to deal with, I couldn't believe what I was seeing, I unzipped my pants and had my own hard cock in my hands stroking away as I saw this wonderful sight.

Suzanne's calm and I'm already a wreck; we haven't even left Scorpiob the hospital and I'm wasted. He still wore his green wax coat and had his blue jeans and white pants pulled down until they rested on top Scoripon his green wellington boots. I petted her, scratched her chest and stuck my arm into her mouth, holding it there for a minute.

She was one very special lady and not just because I was fucking her either. ' I felt something akin to hands on my nipples and for a second I felt like something had prodded my ass. Samantha and Debra were two of the finest looking women on the beach that day.

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I took a melatonin last night before I went to case I take my top off.


Can I tell my boss's boss to "eat chit" and get a free week off work please?


Not only are you attempting to apply a blanket term, but not all masochism is even related to sex at all. See definition 2. The Golden Rule is a moral rule, and it breaks down too.


Friskies. Friskies. Friskies.


I have an idea for a spin off for the Conner kids ??


Same I still watch Scream


It works great CPO1 has not responded to him in ages


Your ignorance doesn't make me crass,


if its "only" then why fight "fair" trade... why is the left so focused on trump balancing "only 2 %"?? you guys make it sound like its Armageddon...


Unless your argument is that pregnancy is an ailment in need of a cure - and please never speak to me again if that is the case - terminating pregnancy is not a health improvement.


Bible was written in Hebrew, not English. It is translated into English.


Will it address the gross hypocrisy and irony of the OP or is it just a deflection from reality?


There are gay Christians.


Did I quote you wrongly? I apologise for may language comprehension difficulty.


4 people on the Court dissented. They were right. Obgerfell was unconstitutional.


Yeah, there are. Please, demonstrate that your god is not only real, but the ONLY one out there.


Which is why I haven't done so. It is equally illogical to assume there is one.


That is the exact same outcome as if god is not with you...


There'd be a lot of ladies running around sawed in half, and not just buried in folks' backyards.


I don't even know where to begin with this douchenozzle. He's one of those types that believes he's God's gift to women. And the guy obviously can't take a hint to save his life.


I'm not the one partying. Have fun at the circus.


I see. Quoting a source that is 6 years old seems odd too.


Trump can?t even meet with the leaders of Latin America

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