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Saturday, March 3, 2018

544 Voices

Blow Job Bitches - Scene 4

"Dems are corrupt and exposed. Trump is winning. How?s that grab ya?"

Had I did I hear voices. All of my fear went away when I felt something soft on my dick.

Blow Job Bitches - Scene 4

Won't you help me. The bed squeaked loudly each time he slammed into me. Whatever happens, we will face it together. He was twenty two off old with medium height for a man of his age and the shadow of a beard with short, wavy hair.

I did give her my real name, home address and all the phone numbers. She fell over the edge. "Can't see why.

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It is not a unique creation in the normal sense of things. I sincerely believe this is just an excuse.


You're the one presenting a shitty argument here. My mistaken word use there doesn't negate this. You made a shitty argument and can't actually give a good reason to overturn the separation of church and state "precedent".


Where?s the quote, tough guy? It should be easy enough for you to find, given how many times you claim I said it. Where?s all this concern for justification, eh?


It's not a belief scale. It's a certainty scale. How are you so certain there's no


It is the awareness that is unbounded. The universe and the person (mind) are objects of perception within it.


(Tex...this response isn't specific to you I just hit reply on your name)


The 'milk of good news' kind of sours within the taste test provided.


Funny how it works one way for the libs but it is just a protest vote for the Conservatives, isn't it? The word that comes to mind is convenient


Where do you get the statistic that 99% of prisoners are Christians? Does your 1st sentence apply to yourself?


Does it deter crime?


Praying as a means to focus your thoughts on what is needed to be done.


Dude if you actually read J Adams list 1-9 he gives reasons based in pure logic as to why Christinity is the most plausible religion. It has nothing to do with him ?believing? all other gods false. It?s about him studying all possibilities and drawing the logical deduction that Christ is the True God and the Church is His True bride. It?s based in study, not solely ?belief?.


Lmao.. I do not, that was just what happened to pass this morning. You should have seen my face. I'm like oh chit, avoid eye contact.


That's you waiting for evidence your religion exist outside your "wishful" thinking.


Because if you don't actually rebuff the charge, and just respond with ad hominems... it makes it look like I'm right: your attack on Islam is entirely hypocritical when compared to your defense of Christianity.


Jesus came and died on the Cross, was buried and rose from the dead on the 3rd day. His work is finished, He has conquered sin, death and hell for us, He said at the Cross "It is finished" Completed, He did what His Father told him to do, and offered up Himself as a sacrifice for sin to set men free from the grip sin has over us. He has not "stopped guiding" us as you say but when He ascended into heaven He sent The Holy Spirit to come and indwell in the born again believer, so we are never alone. The Holy Spirit teaches us, guides us and comforts us, and He is ALWAYS with us.


Ok, don't take my word for it go research it fascinating stuff.

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