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Thursday, February 15, 2018

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"So if this guy doesn't actually enforce his "No Gays Allowed" directive but merely displays the sign, is he not merely exercising his First Amendment rights?"

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Yes Negligence. The parents didn't shoot up the school but their negligence led to it.


Its means worldwide catastrophe. One that's not accounted for...flood perhaps.


God was wishy washy on the subject, was with him but... wasn't really into it... lol


"The gene or genes in the Xq28 region that influence sexual orientation have a limited and variable impact. Not all of the gay men in Bailey's study inherited the same Xq28 region. The genes were neither sufficient, nor necessary, to make any of the men gay."


"While it's easy to see...."


Why would I think he is a monster?


Still there are people like Matthew Henry who actually is going with my interpretation. But then I guess he was a dishonest minister and author of the "Exposition of the Old and New Testaments"


It's not unique to situations involving females and the fact that she claimed it means that she has lost credibility in my eyes. I won't read her posts anymore because now we know what her agenda really is.


I make stars for a living . Well I used to


Gay culture has been about saying FU to societal norms and we want our fetish and not going to leave said fetish and you need to pay us and protect us from criticism.


Yep. I just think to them "I don't want to have sex with you" = frigid.


I don't "judge" women based on their sexual past - we should all enjoy sex as much as possible, in my opinion. My preference is for women that are (much) more freak than meek in the bedroom.


You said that you wouldn't hand them over, conceivably even if they were illegal. That's on you.


If you are comfortable making absolutist statements you can't or won't support with facts or examples, don't let me stop you, but don't be surprised when you are called on it.


I try to keep it mind... when people are pissing me off.


Look what Hollywood did to her. They absolutely destroyed her emotionally and professionally after he raped her and she stood up to him. The ones who stay quite and submitted got awards and made millions, those who fought became gutter trash. Very sad.


Climate change, I assume you can support that it is garbage? Because on one hand we have almost all of the experts in the world, and then on the other we have you. Why should we believe you over people who actually study it en depth.


Democracy requires a majority.


Atheism isn't a religion. As has been told to you dozens of times.


Liberal places like New York and the Netherlands are a paradise for gay people.


I do have more love. I just don't have that big a family I actually care about.


There is always something new that comes along and often as in this case something old. I never saw any shame in admitting I didn?t know something.


Did you read what you wrote? "No one associates them with all illegals..." and then you go on to show they are associated because they "hide" them. These are the same tactics being used on lawful gun owners to say anyone with an AR is potentially a school shooter. SMH.


But not under a kingship, but a strong armed oligarchy.


The very few gun owning parents that even know how to responsibly handle and store their weapon doesnt give much hope at them teaching their kids what to do if they find one.


On sale for 3 Nuka cola caps or 1 sunset sasparilla cap.


I'm fairly sure comments from you are a waste of byes and pixels.


Oh I can't wait!


I voted PC.


You mean the "traitors and RINOs?"


Ah, but if it were really true that if Christianity wasn't going anywhere, you wouldn't be sounding alarm-bells about its decline, would you? ??????


TFCC chose to omit the part of the article that shows the American Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend that all boys be circumcised. I provided it below.

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