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Saturday, February 24, 2018

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Japanese pornstars visit fan at home and get banged

"Y'all forgot Kawhi and the Spurs were 2014 champs. Get Kawhi some help, LeBron"

" I don't see her shy away from my brazen display and while I'm not hard I feel my blood heading down south to get me a little more ready for what could be happening very soon. "Well I guess I am getting stronger, seems like the last few times this happened I was out for hours.

And a tool that looked about 9" long 2 maybe 3 times the thickness of mine.

Japanese pornstars visit fan at home and get banged

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crafg, Barnabus, Alfresco, Amia, Cressidaoh look, there's Dorothea. "Shit.

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I've watched several people die. In many cases, sadly, I was the only one there to hold their hands. Their religiosity was rarely involved in their last days. Mostly it was about nostalgia and regret.


That you need to ask the question may well be tragic.


Your pocket taco is moist??


No one is silencing anybody. You have the right to speak in this country, just not the right to an audience.


You would think. They hired me to broaden their brand awareness but they are fighting me on everything. They tell me to do what I think is best, and in the same breath tell me to do what has been done and not change. I'm so frustrated.


But that's not what you originally said. You equated me legally carrying a firearm in a furniture store to "as irresponsible as the criminals".


They're not stares or leers, they're Glancing Appreciations. ;) At least coming from


You do realize this just adds 20+/- to the variability of +/-100 or more years, right. All the studies mean is the readings are slightly more inaccurate than their already acknowledged inaccuracy. You mark a carbon date on a timeline with a broad brush, not a pencil.


there is a certain irony in 'spiritual atheism' and I got good laugh listening to Dawkins trying to be spiritual. I'll see if I can find the clip.


Nostalgia and regret can be experienced not only on your death bed but after an accident, a divorce, a crime etc.


I loved 'flip phones' it was so easy to use, just flip the lid and was ready to use.


Posted one from NBC. Please, educate yourself, don't be a useful idiot.


I can't sleep without checking at least twice to see if the doors are locked and the keys are on my dresser.


It's a gloomy and rainy Casual Sex Friday here in the Lou. I feel very sexually frustrated. My allergy medicine hasn't worn off yet, so I still feel sleepy and lazy. Charlotte from Sex And The City had the right idea when she experienced sexual frustration.


Societal and "systemic" factors do not keep people in poverty, of course. Not possible. They only make it more difficult for a person to delay gratification and have self-respect.


To make an honest point you must not use fallacies. Most people just use fallacies and say "That's not a fallacy". It's incredibly boring.


I get that. What's frustrating is when you offer to help, it's rebuffed because you won't do it "right," then they complain that no one ever helps them.


Nope, but I will weather it if it brings me liberty, and exposes the left for the intolerant jackanapes they really are.


No, you're adding contempt that isn't there.


Usually if I know someone?s like that and I want to be their friend I just won?t discuss anything with them that I think is contentious. If they try to bring something up I just remind them that they?re not the kind of person that can handle a discussion


It's funny if you laugh and I laughed. That stands as PROOF of its funniness.


The term "Christian" is meaningless. It is no longer employed in the manner that God used it, and at this point in time false brethren, entertainers, politicians, etc., all find it favorable to position themselves with that label to prejudice or sway others.


"The fact that, to my opinion, it does not do damage because it does not overrule normal people's tendency to be benevolent towards eachother, is no excuse that it should not be put on the list of dirty child abuse tricks." -- Then I have misunderstood this sentence.


Don't follow me around with your butt hurt. You got suspended from my channel for good reason. Take up your grievance in the appropriate venue. Reading my guidelines will help you find that venue.


Sure, a man born of a Jewish woman could convert. /s


If they are Christians. If they are not they can live how they like.


That makes perfect sense to me. Of course, the people who are most targetted by racism, would be the ones who have experienced it themselves! Thank you for sharing, Mickey! ???????


Pope Lando. Please look it up. Long before Star Wars!


The time served was already many times over what it should've been. Had she been properly sentenced, she would've been out years ago and had all her rights restored.


plus there are the health concerns


Agreement would indicate being able to choose and we all know how that worked out for "the Angel Of Light"


Shawsy needs places like this to make himself feel important. Real life can be so hard lol.


And that's why this channel is busy. Its finding a congregation.

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