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Friday, February 16, 2018

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"How does it not?"

She was wrong. Neither of them were really sure if they'd done the right thing, so the physical intimacy was re-assuring to them, reminding them that they weren't alone. The morning light woke Alice first and she went to pee and returned as I turned to put my feet on the floor.

I started lifting up her shirt.

I love being there around bath time, lil deb usaa come out and say goodnight still naked, Tibes couldn't help but admire her young body especially how her pussy lips had developed, nice and puffy, I was always careful not to stare too much, I started noticing that before she would get dressed she would come over to her dad and kiss at his belt buckle, one day she came up to me and planted a kiss right at tubed zipper, Wayne just shrugged and said "she doesn't know what's she's doing", this would happen almost every time I was over, to the point that I would feel a hard on and would excuse my self to use the bathroom and readjust myself (occasionally I would find mom and daughters dirty panties but that another tale), one day I was off work and decided to visit unannounced (it was common), since the screen door was locked I knew that he would be in the back.

And anyway, you're forgetting about all the suffering that humans have caused all on their own. " And she say," You better do it or I'll leave with tuves.

No regrets. Male pattern baldness and his glasses make me feel kind of bad for the guy as they head inside her place. Lets find out" ,iss said. I watch them cuff Steven and escort him away from the area and I figure we're done here as I take her to Pale Horse and we get out of the area.

I walked into the bathrooms to find a very modern place.

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Rev seems to think that animals need to be continually developing new families, he doesn't understand cladistics.


The problem in discovery in this case is distance. We do know that there are thousands, if not trillions of planets in what our limited experience calls the sweet spot of a solar system. Some of them are rocky planets like earth and not just gas planets. However, they are many light years away and until we (or they) can solve that little problem, we can only imagine what may be going on out there.


He created us.If you create a sentient being who insists on being not following your mercy, what are yo going to do?


And they know that is a completely different topic then our policies for dealing with people who do not.


That is exactly what your arguments push.


He ain't goin nowhere. I'll take a drive to buffalo and kick his ass like I told him last year


These idiots act based on feels. It's all about their feels. If they feel grossed out/angry over gay people and don't want to do business with them in their own shops, there's no way they're going to seek to do business in shops of gay owners. It's called logic.


Gods are subjective, so that is tosh.


What is Israel hurting to exist? Look how many Palestinian people agree to LIVE IN PEACE with the Israelis!!! Now look at Israel they just had a battle last night and are considering going back into Gaza and taking it over. Look at these people in Gaza- they are being starved and have no clean water because of the Palestinian government let Hamas take over it! When Israel left Gaza they had wells dig so these people would have water- what did Hamas do? They filled all the water wells with dirt! Look it up!!! What is Palestinian doing with all the money their bilking from these nations??? Well there paying terror attackers! This is why the lady took an eight month old child into a WAR ZONE and the baby died! She?ll be PAID a substantial amount of money for this ! You keep your baby at home during these riots !!!!


It wasn't prior to the birth of Jesus. It was an entirely novel Christian argument, and it's understandable why it wasn't adopted by the Jews.


Let me ask you your own question: "the size of the universe -- if the universe were created for us, why do we only inhabit .0000000000000000000001% of it?"


LOL, what ever makes you feel better.


Some of what he said was very nice. I got a kick out of Camilla shifting in her seat.


You apparently failed to comprehend the concept of Creation. God created the Universe and its evolution in time and space. Therefore any text is a word of God. Including your funny post.


Well, from what I've Googled, you're full of it.


says you. That's kind of the point here.


He can. He has.


I'm sorry for your loss :(


I did Google chi ese la, which I realize is Chinese Law System & no


We call it Katzenjammer.


Subjective and Objective are only relevant to relativity. The absolute context of Nature/God is a monad.


Not yet, but have you noticed her friends distancing themselves from her? We shall see.


I already face the reality that God MIGHT exist... in the same way that I face the reality that magical unicorns MIGHT exist. In BOTH cases there is absolutely no reason to believe that they DO exist without verifiable evidence.


People often do refer to their wife as "the wife", but I stand corrected.


What science facts does Christianity deny? What is a churchman?

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