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Thursday, March 1, 2018

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"And million variant atheist views, why can't you all just think the same way and make I easier for me to attack."

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Right. Is there a teapot in orbit we ask? Musk chuckles as he hits the launch button, "there is now."


I'm not at all surprised about that.


It would actually be even/even.


"you would say I had interfered with free will."


Seems to be the sensible way to take it.


it sounds that, like many, religion got in the way and turned you away from Christ.


That is me, yes; I'm going forty and am, as far as I know, in rude health.


Imagine the shock of these entitled assholes when trump ruined their black panther party .


Nittany Lion :)


As an atheist, I would be just as interested, if not more, in arguments that upset theists. Arguments that don't live up to logic, especially.


Ah, yep, that wording is pretty broad. And yeah, it's pretty easy to consider Catholic veneration of Mary as worship. "Hail Mary" is a stock prayer to say, after all.


If The Intercept is now a valid "source" my how standards have fallen.


People who do not know that they have choices, do not have them. Religions indoctrinate children to a point where they simply can't think in any other terms. Everything and everybody that they come into contact with,is in that religion. They know nothing different. It is said that if a young physicist has not made a discovery by the time they are 30 years old, then they won't make one, because they can no longer think "outside of the box". The same thing is true with people who are indoctrinated by religion.....they simply can't think in any other way.


Only a complete moron would try to legislate equality of outcome. Oh, wait...this was a Liberal idea, correct? Self-explanatory then.


Is radio still going?


Well~ ?(???)? it


Im just outside Atlantic City !


A manual of bigotry and misogyny?


I'm not a young earther. I'm an age agnostic earther.


Let me get that for you?


I agree, there could be other reasons. Maybe they don't believe in divorce, having children out of wedlock, interracial marriage, etc.


Yeah, I don't plan on being that early either. Maybe they were just trying to look good?


No! But a great time to remind oneself they have been created


Show me one place on earth where that system exist? And works? With a limited government, then the golden rule pops in "those who have the gold, makes the rules". The rich will have private militaries to enforce THEIR rules. THERE IS ALWAYS GOING TO BE A GOVERNMENT, ELECTED OR NOT.


If you please, yes.


On a scale of 0-100, how certain are you?


Not at all. You are arguing that because one religion is more prominent that the law is promoting its growth. This is simply not the case. In order to prove your point you would have to show that it is specifically targeted at a specific religion - which it is not.


Guy and girl could be sharing a tub. Guy has a "happy moment" and one of his little swimmers makes it to a safe haven.


I did too actually including the author of the


It's not complicated at all: Stick to the job and loose the wife.

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