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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

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"I want a god who can conquer death. Anything less than that is irrelevant. You're going to be dead in a few years, and so will I. What then? That's really the only question that matters."

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There is no comparison IMO between the respected Progressive Conservative Party of old and the present-day abomination.


That does not apply because evangelicals tend to get reborn as adults. In the past, they were without Jesus, sinners, whatever. And society discourages religious faith.


1. Why would there be much? What else should there be? Most works from most historians of the first century were lost to time.


Why did the picture disappear?


It's not the boy who cried wolf. In that story the boy reaped the consequences of his OWN actions. You are saying that this story will make actual claims of harassment by OTHER women seem less legitimate. Not saying you, but I think anyone who would do that either has some low opinions of women or backwards ideas about sexual harassment.


Gotta love that :-)


Nope, forced birth is my claim. It has nothing to do with how they got preggers


False. Strawman argument. God does NOT want a "Christian Theocracy" in America or anywhere else. Christians do not want that either. That is just the same kind of lie that the left always promotes. God already has His own plan for the universe, as explained in His Word. It is being fulfilled as we speak.


All contrived data. That is my point.


While it's easy to see that atheists and irreligious are over-represented among mass shooters when you research these kids, it is fair to ask why that is.


Well this is coming from someone who's had a lot of different styles and colours. I would just say go for it no matter what anyone else says. It will grow back soon enough. If I didn't like a style or cut I would just grow it out again.


So in this thread it is about.


Wasn?t always the case. We have Twiggy to thank for turning the tide lol. She care thru skinny and proud and revolutionized the game lol.


Pretty flabby. You need to go the the Troll Gym more often.


and yet later on they're told not to marry or intermingle with them. I guess they didn't kill every man woman and child.


That's not what the posts show.


You aren't a *public business*.


No industry no, although that showed up as soon as folks could do it. Sex is human nature. Dude, all cultures at the time had sex, more sex and an extra side of sex. Rome had big ol Johnsons everywhere! Other cultures did too.


I find it terribly amusing that my use of the colloquial word "outta" bothers you.


No. It is not my reasoning, it is the truth. Bible stories are only found in the Bible and nothing outside the Bible to verify them.


My point is that science can not say what they have not discovered. The fact that they have not proved the existence of extra sensory perception, does not proof it does not exist. You see that, right? Once upon time, the notion that small invisible exceedingly fast moving particles flying right through us at all times would have seemed like fantasy, too. Its just as much folly to say that ESP does not exists, as it is to say that it does. We don't know if humans have an "extra sense" with respect to interacting with our environment that we do not know we have. To be closed minded about considering the existence of hithertobefore not scientifically discovered stuff, would seem unwise, since we never fail to impress ourselves with new discoveries over time.^


What you ask for is Science education; On that subject you must do your part , IMO is the responsible thing to do. (If you care to read my older posts you will find THAT particular explanation).


Having grown up eating grits and seeing the reaction of people eating it for the first time, I think our tastes are determined by what our loved ones fed us when we were very small.


Wynne hadn't started conceding then...she just went on and on and on about Kathleen. She no longer leads a party now. Horwath is the opposition.


Sjw. I think for one to defend their belief or ones god is not a demonstration of true faith , it is the demonstration that one is seeking affirmation or support. If that is the case then the defender actually mayb lack true, deep and abiding


Most of the people who get welfare and food stamps actually work. If the private sector welfare system would pay their employees a living wage we?d have very few people dependent on the program. The welfare queen trope is way played out. Most are hardworking people who aren?t getting paid enough to make basic ends meet.


I'll text it to you.


Evolution is a lie.


If you ever post intelligently, how will anyone tell, troll?


Very good. Now I know. Thank you.

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