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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

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"They do. So what?"

His whole chest had been ripped out and his organs missing. I turned toward her, my 9" long, fat, throbbing cock jutting proudly out in front of me. I just about died when Samantha asked me if I wanted to join it with her.

KrazyFreak Gets Anal Fucked

As an exotic erotic entertainer dancer, I had to keep my skin and body in shape or it would cost me in tips or possibly the position as a headliner at the club. She seemed to like him-maybe even more-so why was he so nervous. "Well," Clara continued, "that's the dare. Hellison squirmed in reaction of the sensation tribs she felt the orgasm building in her.

From how the figures were positioned, how the two cavities were connected at the genital area, and by studying the artifacts in the room, archeologists have concluded that they were making love, and that they were celebrating their marriage.

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Every mass grouping of people have individuals in it that commit crime.


Learn a little about science before you start to make claims about what it can do. You can make jokes about leprechauns all you want but in the end there is no science to show there are any or not. That is the same with God's. I thought you were smarter than that.


Many of the ones you listed are about labor issues and contractual disputes rather than the practice of religion...of course one can hear of a lower court ruling and not hear about the reversal of that decision. Like for example the woman who burned her leg with Mc Donald's Coffee. The initial decision granted her a lot of money and later on in a much less publicized fashion that amount was drastically lowered.


>>"Thinking that Christians are some kind of threat to civil rights is ridiculous."<<


God is love. How can love create hell?


Hey I was gonna post these


And therefore no one has been killed in the name of atheism. Now, theism is a different story.


Ostrich with special powers. And a devilish smile.


I guess I should ask some eighth graders


I know already. Testing is on individual basis. We are all in the same boat, I can just point the way. You gotta choose.


Well I?m an atheist and I have morals. Disproved witg evidence. See how easy it is when you have evidence?


A business owner doesn't have the right to exclude an entire class of people from taking advantage of his goods and services, or even of one specific good or service. No. We can thank the bigots of the Jim Crow days for making that the law of the land here in the U.S. "We don't serve your kind" is not a legally defensible position, even if it's modified to be "we don't serve your kind wedding cake".


I have met both types of people, those that don't think he existed and all, and those that think he was just a man. Both tend to not accept the evidence based on presuppositions.


What evidence? Name it.

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