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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

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Shove That Thing Inside Me Now - Part 1

"How much alcohol?"

" "Okay. They just drifted apart but deep down Rylee was still hungry for Daltons dick. "You don't need to thank me," he said with a smile. She had told me that she "finished myself off" after sex with her husband when he was still around.

Shove That Thing Inside Me Now - Part 1

Viintage understood clearly. So I stood and wrote down notes while she was helping customers. I walked down to the cafeteria ruing the cold greasy meat loaf instead of the delicious pot roast Jennie's mom had promised.

Reviea who would we get to stay with the kids. No way!" As she leaned across him and carried on stroking, he opened his eyes and looked up at her in a befuddled amazement at this beautiful young woman leaning over him and smiling as she stroked his cock.

I gazed at myself in the mirror as I worked it slowly in. Glennann stayed with them to stand guard over the transports and help Bowmen.

Pulling them down to her ankles she began to tease her.

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Most here are pretending atheism is always a lack of belief, but some atheists, the gnostics, think they know for sure. Many here pretend they are somewhat uncertain by saying they are 1% uncertain. That's pretty certain actually. When you're 99% certain there's no God, it influences your actions. That's why many of you are here to preach to or ridicule Christians and other believers. That's why you basically tell believers they are idiots.


So POW's are slackers? I'm getting the idea you don't have one of these flags in your yard...


I had an economics professer tell me that Adam Smith advocated 'selfish interest' as producing the most productive system. He did not seem to want to distinguish self-interest and selfish-interest.


The wages of sin is death. Are you saying that God killed Jesus so that he wouldn't have to change that law? That law is the worst law ever made. Why would God want that to be so? Is God not powerful enough to change the law?


My understanding is that Hovind was convicted of "structuring". that is, withdrawing money in small enough increments to avoid required reportings, and that is illegal. If I am wrong about that, please correct me. He claimed that the money was being used for additional construction on his theme park. He went to federal prison for 10 years, his wife divorced him, his kid took over his ministry, and won't give it back, so basically, he lost everything


Here's the benchmark.


That's a fair and honest answer. I don't want to try and talk you out of anything. But, even as a christian, I could never reconcile that god would have a problem with gays. He was a loving god. A loving god would not force something which goes against their very nature.


Maybe so, but I've never seen a CEO disciplined for this sort of behaviour - or higher ups in general.


I think you still believe in god. It's obvious you're very pissed at him for letting you down. You're mad at god. You should be mad at the 3 priests who "raped you at the alter." (Yeah, right)


"Hi sweetie! Do you do lawnmowers in pink? Maybe with those cute rainbow ribbons on the handlebars?"


Yeah, I've never had a female doctor. Nothing against them


Lol, and he was a little gimp brown eye with one testi and half a peni. How in the hell did he manage what he did ?


really? Did you not read through what I wrote? I showed quite clearly the problem with works based salvation.


While new mutations and changes do happen continually, the rate at which they build seems to pale in comparison to when the selective pressures are changed drastically.


Relax David it was just a joke....


1. Who cares.


I said no such thing. I said that I am "as left as you will find on this channel". This channel swings pretty far right of the norm. You really need to learn how to read. The entire political spectrum is to the left of the average on this channel.


You kind of proved yourself wrong here. Where's the population explosion first of all? Secondly, from 2015 to 2016, the numbers only went up by 2 million. And that change in number match is (gasp) an annual change of approximately 0.7% just like pragDem's chart indicates.


You should try reading more, but nice try at deflection. Your comment was plain dumb. Deal with it


It probably could be read either way.


Aren't progs the chicken/guinea pig things in the new Star Wars?


Because Trump already got what he wanted from Putin, the presidency.


Legal "hostility" is not the same as actual hostility. It means that the commission did not appear to be unbiased in its adjudication due to remarks made by one of the commission members.


Science is a method used to try to figure out how nature works. There is no such thing as a truth claim in science.


Mom - 2nd generation in the US from Mexico.


for your entertainment: nutjob Alex Jones (of Info Wars infamy, professional troll) rant about chemicals in the water turning Frogs Gay.....set to music.


A list of atrocities that many atheists, LGBTQ people (who are majority liberal/democrats: Pew Research) turn a blind eye to and support...YEP, thats YOU GUYS.


You are taking your death too serious.

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