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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

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":( Poor girl and I can't imagine how her mother feels right now. The sucky part about teenagers is once they make up their mind to do something, not much can stop them. You can be the best most skilled parent out there but it won't stop your teen from running away from you and making horrible choices. What a terrible situation :/"

"I just think it would be more proper if I weren't here when you undressed. "Fine, sorry.

" "Wait, say what and who's now?" Abbie giggled in surprise. She smiles as she sexaily walks over to him. Long black hair, lightly tanned skin, and a small petit frame.

I began as soon as she was seated at my table. Then he ripped his cock out of my shirf. " I squeezed her hand to emphasize my sincerity. She's got a mighty dreadful cough though, that just won't go away.

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Well I would react by saying "This is why our prisons are overflowing. A life sentence for a conviction of a first-time nonviolent drug offense? Holy crap, that is absurd!" just as I said in this case.


God exists beyond the Bible.


Dr. you're projecting.


Maybe, but if he was harrassing her, she'd be likely to tell her mom, or an adult if she was getting scared. She may not have been. I dunno, at my school boys were shyer! Kids used to respect the no, more, from people. Teachers say this all the time, that the kids they teach have 0 respect for anyone, and the parents defend their 'angels.'


I feel the same thing as a white man going into a neighborhood that is predominantly black. Like I'm being watched and silently shooed out of the area.


That's a very idiosyncratic view of the meaning of "modernism", and as regards Platonic forms is flatly false. Democritus was no Platonist, having preceded him, and invented the foundations of the scientific method as well as having formulated an atomistic view of the plan and working of nature.


They can be built (e.g. paper versions, computer versions). Or they can arise (e.g. RNA, DNA and cells), or they may evolve (ibid.), or they could form by happenstance (noise).


Dust would not show them. But it would in time show your god is mindless and bent on destroying things and carry on like a child


Hey... they've got stormy...


"As I said before. I am not debating that Britain was Christian BEFORE they colonized North America, that is an obvious fact. I am telling you that Colonization was the prominent factor in it's development over Christianity."


I agree, but what I meant was a focus on the smallest particles of objective physical reality is reductionism with the expectation of finding answers consistent with the usual physical laws, many of which are violated at the quantum level.


No. It is damned well established. You need to prove DNA and Germ theory wrong at this point to debunk it


It wasn't all Christians. It wasn't even close to all. Therefore it wasn't Christianity that did it.


Well that sucks. RIP


Only thing I'm struggling with is she won't fck off.


?Haha, it makes me want to go through like 8 years of med school to do this.??


I was going to answer you, but when I got home, I just made some calls and crashed. I had been working in the yard, and odd things all day, and was too lazy to then wash my car there. I probly should have!


Its just funny how things work out sometimes. I call it "Karma"


Yes it is, but that?s the reality we deal with today. Partisan extremists on both sides, have become the spokes persons of liberal and conservative parties.


Charles L. Worley, North Carolina Pastor: Put Gays And Lesbians In Electrified Pen To Kill Them Off

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