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Monday, March 5, 2018

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"I am not quibbling about Harper's debt, I am stating facts that are very often conveniently ignored by many Conservatives. Perhaps you are not one of them, but it is a common refrain. Furthermore, while I was not a Harper supporter and opposed many of his policies, I agreed with and supported some of them, like spending in an economic downturn and attempting to diversify Canada's foreign trade partnerships and I think credit should be given where it is due."

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The only difference between education and indoctrination is that the former is the socially normalized form of the latter. If your beliefs aren't reflected in the legalized curriculum, it's because you're views have less social capital backing them. In which case, welcome to disempowerment - ain't it a blast.


What do you think would have happened if Trump had lost? He already said that if he did, it would have been fixed... "rigged." There were people at his rallies calling for a revolution if he lost--even one of my friends made that call to arms. So in the rallies, Trump offered to pay the legal fees of people who "beat the crap out of them." And the reason nothing is burning and no shots fired are because he won. In some alternate universe somewhere, he lost and the right is shooting up the town. As for the severed head thing, I don't know of anyone who supported that or didn't think it was appalling. Hopefully, her career is over.


With an added FVCK THIS


Wishful thinking is still fantasy. Seems you subsist on fantasy.


Lol gotta be able to see.


People purchase insurance to protect themselves from a FUTURE loss. Obamacare mandated that people with pre-existing conditions have to be insured. You CANNOT get a car insurance policy AFTER you total your car, you cannot get a homeowners policy AFTER your house burns down.


How do you know what it would be like with or without a Creator?


Jesus is risen from the dead. we are in him who is alive.. we are members of his body.. He dwells in each and every one of us who have believed to the salvation of the soul...It is accomplished by the very same spirit that raised Christ Jesus from the dead..on May 3rd. 1978 The Holy Spirit fell on me at a UPC Church ,, The Holy Spirit began in me belly and very intensely flowed all throughout my body , every particle and cell in my body came alive with an incredible overwhelming surge of power illuminating every particle of me with extreme joy so intense that I could not stand it for being SO GOOD!!!!! My lips began to stammer and I rose up to go and tell me wife as I had thought to do , which was a Sin!!! LOL!!! before I could get to my feet I sinned in the Sight of the Lord.. the most glorious and most wonderful moment of my life, was marred with that error! For that I get consolation; much like Israel which had to go through the wilderness, instead of entering into the Promised land.. so it is with me...


Thank y'all so much. All this thread needs is a laugh track and a fat lady and it could be the script from a Roseanne show.


"Keep talking like that old man, and we'll bring back icefloe healthcare for the +65s!" :-)


If it's so bad, why don't they remove it then? Purify their religious text then?


I initially used "


The demorats house of cards is starting to crumble i guess


I feel like this is a thing professional photo shoots, agreed it?s dumb

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