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Thursday, May 24, 2018

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Hot Suck and Fuck With Nikki ***Early Video***

"Logic would say it is through foolish arrogance, and rejection of common sense."

You dress slutty but I bet no one has popped your little pussy yet have they. Jimmy managed to sit on her stomach facing her while I held her legs. I just wanted to wake up and see that it really gulls just a dream, but I didn't wake from my nightmare.

Hot Suck and Fuck With Nikki ***Early Video***

And didn't hesitate to start fingering her "Mmm babygirl you are so fucking wet. "Alright that's it bitch!. I sat back with my eyes closed, taking it all in. "Oh shit. To be continued. " "Ellie got her due date. We called him Scooby, I don't know how he got that nickname, but it was cute and when you called him Scooby and he smiles at ya, your heart melt and your cock felt good.

It was hard to really check out her bod as she hade Teej a Jacket and jeans but that did not make a lot of difference to a bunch of Horney teenagers.

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Then if it is "scientific and authoritative" then the phrase has a major contradiction in it. You are using a descriptive term for an object (surface) that according to the phrase can't exist.


Not one person in ancient history or modern history has resurrected after being pronounced dead for 3 days. What is the scientific evidence this is even possible?


No. Who's that?


" Do you agree with Richard Dawkins that cannibalism is...a yummy idea? ;)"


I think the indoctrination of the pledge is actually really important.


So it was bigotry that got defeated.


No, just being pulled by gravity omnidirectionally. You are literally immersed in a strong gravitational field that is accelerating you in all directions, at once. That sweet spot is also the size of a single Higgs boson, and you'd have to put your exact center of mass at that precise point for you to achieve free fall. Good luck with that.


I need to hang out with the men you're hanging out with because none of the men I've known have suffered for anything that wasn't directly related to their own personal gain. Obviously we have some good men on this channel but when you've never experienced it personally, it's tough to imagine they're the rule instead of the exception.


Most of my dresses are a little above my knees. I do have some hi-low and regular maxi dress. I wear panties with all of them! :)


Lol, yeah, how could the States with the largest international appeal, the greatest GDP, the most population, the most growing industries, and the most contributions to the federal budget possibly survive?


Clearly I was referring the imprecision in your use of "negative" to the charge you leveled at me.


Yep there are people who claim to care but don't really do anything


Which totally explains why there are so many opinions. ;^) [a wink

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