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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

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Amy Reid and Malibu fuck hard each other

"Christians teach that homosexual SEX is a sin. Adultery is also a sin. And so on."

This whore wanted cock. I pulled it out immediately, both surprised and a tad bit frightened.

Amy Reid and Malibu fuck hard each other

As I glanced at myself, body sweaty and my hair all tangled I couldn't deny how much I'd enjoyed it. Samantha liked the cramped quarters and the fact that everyone in first class had seen us walk in there together.

The faint stinging you feel in your strlpper prevents you from slowing down again, but you are very worried about what is going to happen. A rather hot first week of June brought out shorts that, when she was seated, ran up to her nicely tanned upper thighs.

I zipped up in time and we continued our play. Finally I went under her top feeling her breasts and nipples through the bra which she definitely enjoyed.

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...and he thinks Roy Moore would be a model Sunday School teacher at the middle school level.


Yes. Shannon. The United States will go back to Jim Crow era overnight.


Usually they end up buying you a beer or coffee while we sit around and talk about the wonders of socialized medicine


it does sound like hes just blowing her off, and placating her.. im shre after 7 years, the "sure, baby ,we'll get around to it,, crap, is wearin thin. how many times can she bring it up, before it becomes repetative? and its an important issue. like you said,, when a baby pops out it will be too late. it may be polite,, but its nagging in nature, when he cant [or wont give dates],, or reasons why not.


They will be gallons of tears available for some time to come.


False. God is evidence of something outside the universe. Himself. and He has proven Himself.


Proverbs , huh?


The point is not God is omniscience, the point is, the people believe that God is omniscience, but then they tell us that He had submitted to something like natural laws and this is a contradiction which makes their god, a false god. Please read the link in my previous comment to understand, why Jesus, Krishna and other gods who manifested or being inside this universe are false gods.


To get her name in the newspaper. It looks like mission accomplished to me. She made a name for herself at the expense of some hapless wannabe-comedian.


Is it schools that have become too structured or the same parents that are referenced above? I ask that because I have heard parents in my neighborhood say the same thing - but these kids get recess and lunch recess daily and PE another 2 days a week - which is the same as what I got in the early 70's. School is still 6 5 hours long. Not much has changed but higher expectations in the curriculum. However, I walked home at 2:30 pm and was playing with my neighborhood buddies by 3:00. 2 hours of free play until dinner which was followed by 2 more hours of free play before time to start relaxing. Now, it's daycare from 3:00 pm-5:00 pm followed by dinner on the way to dance, soccer, gymnastics, swimming....and then double that if you have siblings. Kids today spend no time on unstructured play at home so the parents are outsourcing it to the schools.


I think that begs the real question of this OP. Are you comfortable with you or someone being able to instill certain traits in all people, and I assume limiting others, to make what you or they believe to be a better person?


What I'm saying is self-evident.


Yeah... but... why are (new posting) atheists so angry about it?


So much winning! /s


If that?s the question, what if you were the one left as a stain on a sock?


Could you do me the favor of demonstrating that I am mentally ill, using the current DSM?


Latest polls and projections Updated on June 03, 2018


Mostly Millenial Bernie supporters see traditional Democrats (and Republicans) as old mostly white people with condescending attitudes. They realize that the traditional D's and R's created $21 Trillion worth of debt that will saddle future generations.


Diane Feinstein seems to have no trouble getting elected, and a Democrat running for office in New Mexico flat out stated "F- the NRA" and he supported outright bans.


Sooo....what you doin tonight?


like any constructive criticism; try and start with something good, then phrase it on a way of making improvements. Maybe coach them on receptivity to your cues, and how they can pick up on what is working and what isn't.


my apologies i had no idea you were privy to their medical histories


Foundational tenet of atheism:


Apologies, my comment was directed to George Lloyd.


If you think there could be a better witness to the truth blowing the whistle, than this retired military officer. Name him.


I do know basic facts. It isn't necessary. Or a need.

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