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Sunday, June 3, 2018

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Pegging sessions with Sam and Steve 05-11-16

"Statista investigation does not list what the prisoners say, it lists what prison chaplains report. I other words quite useless."

I always thought Katie was a very cute girl. The tents were destroyed and crates scattered allover the campsite and blood was everywhere. He was right, too. Pulling them down to her ankles she began to tease her.

I explained to her about the Mile High Club and she didn't get upset at all. " Was all he would say and they got into the car and drove across town where he pulled into a car park. I didn't fight what happened next. I smiled back, and then I pulled her up off the floor and onto my lap. Angel places her grocery billiarvs on the ground.

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The function of the payment is to, partly or fully, compensate those who suffered because of a crime someone committed against them. The payment must be a sensible one.


I remember picking up an old astrology magazine in Late November, 1964 that somehow had not been cleared from the newsstand from May or June of 1964. Therein Jean Dixon infallibly foretold the politics that year. Absolutely dead on: that was when Goldwater ran Against Johnson. Except that wasn?t what actually happened as foretold by the stars. The infallible stars told her that Goldwater would lose on the first ballot, there would be a big floor fight and Rockefeller would become the compromise candidate who would go on to win the election. Everybody remembers President Rockefeller, don?t you?


Yup....bring beer ?? ??


Read their ingredient list, once you realize the food is toxic you won?t buy it.


Understanding that this is all we have makes it more precious and magnifies the responsibility to do the right thing for those that will follow and have only what we have left.


What are you after here? "Sponsor some immigrants". What is that supposed to be implying? Just say if for fvck sakes.


He was a great villain.


Believe it or not, at one point, giving a girl a business card was how most middle-aged men exchanged contact information... It might be "creepy" to this generation, but to me it certainly isn't. I met my first girlfriend by giving her a note with my phone number on it at her job. That's kinda how you did it before social media existed.


Start with you, then go to the one you have been so ardently defending in these recent posts. I suspect there are many others as well


Why does anyone listen to these idiots?


Again, there is no "gay gene"


I think it's better than marmite!


Some might say the christian stuff is about lies and death.


"cheeseburger in paradise".. its a bg standard, and a money maker for them , im sure.


P.S. Let us substitute "E=MC2" with "X(Y2)= @x-z" for all the significance that specific equation had to my point.

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