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Sunday, June 3, 2018

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"The only baker I want to hear from is Enzo from The Godfather."

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Hot Young Redhead Sissy Tori CD Deep Fucking Machine Compilation

They dropped their tools, and headed into the main house, fully expecting a beating to be awaiting them. Agreeing to that, we set up to sort of have fun after an all-day school golf match the next few days away. My wife went wild and the other two let her go. Fingers squeezed at them and then they circled my nipple.

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I must not see them because I'm mainly on mobile.


Why LOL? Of course Christianity is based upon a belief in the creator of the universe, commonly called: God. Does that surprise you by any chance? You have never heard that before so that it causes you to laugh?


And I'm only 79 - saved by a year :)


When you have religion you can't tell what's wrong. Or what's up either. Nothing is up.


I doubt it, seeing that, at first, you couldn't even figure out what was the question about.


You are like DT himself: never answering a question.


Oooh both of those are cute. That sucks about the waiting list. Hopefully they come back in stock. That happened to me the other day. sigh.


Two days? Ugh, the torture...


Okay, you seem to be talking about "consciousness" at a much more meta level than I was.


Yes it is. If you ever see a "made in America" tag it means part of the production was in America. The rest of it is still made in China. But don't take my word for it. Ask anybody who's familiar with textile industry. We don't have the equipment to do most of it anymore, much less trained personnel.


No... according to smart people. He?s the brother of a famous crackhead. I don?t get the appeal. Then again, I?m not an idiot.


3. By actual plan, I mean that thinking that Jesus died for our sins is enough to get eternal life. Not thinking that is the thing that is bad.


Is it funny that I use the best dictionary instead of Google?




Man is superior to gods because man is real and gods are just myth.


"Do you think, in such a precarious situation, demanding such sacrificing decisions from the community for the benefit of the community, the leadership would be right to engage in Plato's "Noble Lie" constructing a myth so everyone sticks with their obligation?"


No rant, just truth. Just sharing the source for the Isaiah?s prophecy


For the president it is.

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