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Monday, February 26, 2018

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Teresa May & Linda Leigh in neons

"I can relate. I was fairly introverted as a kid... I had friends, though I never cared about being popular...which is actually something that probably kept me OUT of trouble in my case, as where i grew up it was the 'in' crowd that was causing the havoc rather than the introverted ones."

"dude" I said " you might as well get some cause you are in as much shit as sdx if we get busted" Jimmy pulled his now hard cock out of her mouth and climbed on top of her from behind. You begin to pant as you come closer and closer.

She wraps her hands around my neck, her legs still over my shoulders, and squeezes me tightly.

Teresa May & Linda Leigh in neons

Shrugging Harman really didn't care; the fact that his old sister was back was enough for now. "Suck my clit" she hissed at Chuck as she lowered herself a little by spreading out her knees on the floor beside his head.

Yes, I'll tell him, but first my father is here. You jump and start moving again without thinking. ' You need something inside of you. Paul was in front of her about 2 feet away pointing a finger at her, he looked like he was giving her a bit of a telling off. 5" dick down her throat as possible.

Bob was the last to fuck her and told us all to go in Johns house, as she had been a good slut so she could have his monster with out us around. She leaned down, straightened her back and tilted her chin at her first attempt to align her throat.

I blinked, sleep falling away from me. He could see that Harman and Varick had both been struggling to keep him still. he groaned, the he grabbed his little girl and pulled her up to him and stared to clean off his cum by licking his own juice of her and French kissing her for any trace of cum. Then his fingers lingered there as he played with my hair.

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I'm good with your argument, friend, appreciate it.^


Or in other words...


"anti-rational mere rationalism"


Dartboard for me


No, it's not complicated at all.


Until congress does its job and starts increasing the fines for ANYONE knowingly hiring a person who isn't in the country legally and in possession of a valid green card, this is not going to change. If the citizens in this country give power in congress back to leftists who view these illegals as potential votes, this problem will get worse. I'm hopeful that there are enough voters with common sense who will go to the polls in November, but only mildly hopeful.


What about our DRUGGIE,,PM,,pot stores on every corner,,,lol


That is what you wrote. You first said here "It's up to Congress to pass sentencing reform." Take your own advice and learn how legislation becomes law.


:-D I think I do. Well, not always.


Because when you promote genocide, slavery, sexual slavery, stoning's, beheadings and drown the world you're a monster.


Abomination is a KJV word. The literal translation is more like "taboo".




I can see your point, since you aren't like Einstein, I suppose not even close.


Fortunately, I don't.


The discussion on this thread is a good example of the failings that are unfortunatley too common on this channel.


That's what I mean by a gawk. It's a short look with a wierd look on my face!


Some churches will hold different interpretations. But for the most part Evangelicals do, but it's considered to be a gift and used in private at home.


That, is very sad.


Oh, yeah, Hilary was the one who lit the match?with her email server. 'Course we didn't called it a server.


Heck the Europeans love plenty of inbreeding. Used to be a sign of nobility.


Bill Gates did not say ANYTHING near what you are interpreting it to be. End of story.


Did it cure your VD?


Yes, it?s a complex and nuanced problem. And sure there are lazy bums. But generally it?s not that simple.m


There was nothing until God made something.


Catholic theologians actually got really technical with this one. They defended religious icons on the ground that the images weren't "graven."


That's because IT WAS A JOKE.


Depends if it's gnostic atheism or not. If someone truly believes there is no God, that's belief. If other beliefs related to atheism are involved like "all religion is poison" or "all belief in God is dangerous" or whatever, then those are influencing beliefs.


Why not? She works at the White House and defends her fathers policies.


Why would wages drop? The talent would simply migrate to better jobs, leaving those companies with the leftovers.


Popcorn. "You are not worth what I paid you"... From a former boss after I saved his butt...

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