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Saturday, March 3, 2018

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"Not really. I feel about the same."

I really fucked up and if you say go I'll leave but I'm asking for a chance to try and apologize for what I did to all of you," Marta says calm but twinged with a little panic.

She pushed us both back away from the desk, pulled herself away from my dick, and turned around to face me.

massage with a hard blow job

I told Jimmy I had enough of this bitch's mouth and was with him. If only he fucking knew. The hot water felt good on my skin, washing off the grime and dust of moving.

I told them what Dr. "Oh, you and Clara have already tried role-playing?" Her look of confusion had creem into one of self satisfaction.

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And you think 20 years will make much of a difference? The Egyptians had their timer down pretty well. How much disagreement is there and what specifically ar3 your concerns.


Yes they are. But what they are really saying is that their mystical entity called 'science' agrees with everything the invoker claims.


Yes, it is incredible! He does not care for anything, but money! We must take care of our nature and wildlife.


First, the Attenburg stuff is bullshit and you know it is.


depending on the


In other words - it boils down to personal belief and not facts. As I thought.


ahhh?? you are right..... atheist MUST believe nothing because most atheists know nothing and when I hold them accountable for their ignorance, I'm actually proving my point. This is why I call atheist "dahhhhtheists". Thanks


Again refugees are here legally and there is NO black market for illegal immigrants. Your whole concept is based on false information.


Nope - merely how he was treated by some progs. I did not see that much on this channel. This channel is mostly filled with the right-wing type of sycophantry.


Until a few decades ago, it was a crime for a Black person to marry a White person. You've never heard of such a thing...?


Thanks for admitting you are nothign but a troll. I kind of figured that, but it's always good to get confirmation.


I would say that you?re ignorant of scripture and history...


As I said above his statement means that all immigrants are white. So why is he complaining if immigrants are white? :-)


Guppies, don't trust them to be good parents!


Trump already challenged Rex Tillerson to an IQ test and he ran like a coward. lol


How so? Let's face it, how hard is it for people who know the prophecies to write stories about their hero after his death that fit into the age old prophecies. Not hard at all. Then again, some of the stories are just a rehash of pagan stories.


I suggest sprinkling her ?garden? with rat poison, bleach, or whatever household chemicals you can find that will impede growth:) Then start your own sexy garden...only garden while wearing skimpy clothes; it?s a rule.... Problem solved.


Yes that is the "Read only" section of Disqus. Posting or commenting is at your own risk.


good lord, Really?!?!! I weep for the species.....


I was chosen. Chosen by skepticism and logic.


Seems is more affirmative then not.


I'm not claiming God was kicked out of science. A scientists used that phrase with Denis Noble, and so I used it for the OP questions.


It matters because his ideas are still very much alive. And the people who supported Hitler are still fighting against those who defeated him.


This morning I predicted he'd be in trouble in 3 months anyway! Now I feel like a genius!


Sorry, you're being completely dishonest. The USA is not a paraduse for gay people. Gay people suffer discrimination on a daily basis, in housing, employment, etc... there are still church groups that openly advocate for killing gay people. Some links are already here.


You lost me on the first sentence. It's not that the statement is false, but I just know everything about where you're coming from when you lead with a dance step. So, no thanks, I'll pass, no need to bang my head on another wall.


Where do you see licence given to rape or starve one's slaves? Again, I would direct you to my previous answer. I would rather be the slave of an Israelite than, say, a Canaanite. My Canaanitish master could beat me to death without any consequence whatsoever - my Israelite master would be punished for my homicide. The Law brought in regulation, not licence. In many instances it doesn't tell man what he should do, but rather what he shouldn't do.


Take a look.


I approve. I've been looking for some bronze colored heels, like a deep copperish to offset this satin mocha dress I have. I never realized how hard this is. What are you buying up? I'm good! Trying to avoid sunburn.. this heat is crazy.


/s = sarcasm.


If you view it in context, 11th century Baghdad was the perfect crossroads of trade destination, civilizations, philosophies, religion, culture but more importantly an environment of tolerance.


The bigots are still there. Their racism has gone underground, but their anti-gay bigotry is front and center (just like their grandparents' racism).


Saw this report earlier. ?? ??

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