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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

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"They go Ape shit throwing poop. Sounds like Trumpanzzes at the Zoo, Has there been a escape from the local Zoo.??"

all I did is kept his cock in my mouth reaching down from his balls to his ass hole, he just spread his legs, by then lil deb was slurping away at my cock that I reached down and slowed her down, I didn't want to come just yet, my buddy on the other hand was close, I felt him start to tense yelling "oh shit" I wanted this to be special, I kept sucking as I reached down and pulled lil deb off my cock and up to me just the I felt the first spurt hit me I tasted his juice but then took his cock out of my mouth and and aimed it right at his lil girls face, I grabbed his cock and stroked it on her face she flicked her little lounge and started licking it up, her face was covered with his sperm, I let go of his cock he took it in his hands and jerked it few more time smearing some on my cheek, I said hey buddy how was that.

Although Dominika had no choice in this, she was a very sexual being. This was the first day of Dominika's torture. It'd once been a warehouse, but despite the architecture abnormalities and open space design, I was excited to call it home.

She was short, younger than me and pretty. To his surprise the place was spotless. It was a lot easier to see when they removed their bottoms for me.

"Let's get to work. She looked at me intently to judge my reaction. I tried to jerk off standing rransvestite but the shock of the cold had turned my off.

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"Excuse me boys. Perfect. " "And I am Dorothea.

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Ah, but you gave away the fact that you did read it by the wording in your lame personal attack.


I think you'll be forgiven! Anyone acting like that is trouble, and if your boss lets you be abused by even a colleague, he looks bad. He knows you, right? He'll just sigh and drink his lunch. : )


REALLY almost DEAD now, drunken Dennis Miller, horrible 1980's fruit & Nut job of the GOP ...????


Your text here.makes.no.sense..


Oh no, that morbidly fascinating gum chewing monster ??


Incorrect. Most health departments will provide you with copays as low as $5 per visit. Some don't even charge you, depending on the County.


Sure, but that will not make you correct; it will merely amplify your ignorance.


Did you read the OP?


D'you know what the existence of 3 religions shows? Only that there are three religions.


What's your case for Doug Ford is going to fix it... that relies on anything other than "Doug Ford is lying, and you shouldn't believe a word he says"?


Funny how God never tells these guys to love your fellow man.


An unknowing is a lack of belief.


In the old testament, Job is the only book that mentions the devil. The Jewish concept is that the devil is god's helper that brings adversity for us to overcome. In the long run, that is good. Great things happen when they don't come easily and have to be worked hard for. That is the what the devil is for. The devil doesn't make us do anything that we aren't supposed to do. He throws up adversity for us to overcome.


So, what makes them a crime family then, Sunshine?


Correct. Your gaslighting does not work anymore. You will have to dwell in your alternative reality alone.


Quantum physics is certainly not a proof of theistic views.


"How sure are you etc.?"


He probably does not.


Secular non-bias evidence does NOT mean an Atheist must produce it.


That would be an unbiblical secondary accretion to an earlier authentic tradition! Heresy!


I think it's more nuanced than that. Recognizing that a large part of that 'community' suffers from a specific spectrum of mental disorders that significantly inhibits their ability to understand social interactions, I think the way to address the "incel" issue goes beyond simply calling them "scum"...In fact, that is perhaps the worst way to address the issue.


why buy the cow logic?


I posted three videos of magic being debunked. You're willing to remain ignorant and claim it actually exists.


Well what is the song Kitty?


Thanks for Your answer, Gillette,


lol I can't tell if this is sarcasm or not...


Yeah, I guess


That's just our good neighbours rubbing off on us.


Innocent yet lethal


I don't know


I have an unbelief in Ra, will he make me eat those words?


>>" Something did come from nothing "<<


Enjoy some smilies brought to you by teh kittehs


What a revelation? So now you are the God? So why are you on an internet website pretending to be someone else? You are quite weird. I think I'll leave you alone and to your own imagination,


Me, too. (Not as high as 3rd though!!) I had to argue my position on test papers all the time, and was often told I was over-thinking the problem. But once they saw my point, they gave me credit for my answers.

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