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Friday, March 2, 2018

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"Watching the science channel I have a rudimentary understanding of how most of what makes up matter is nothing (empty spaces) and most of the rest is energy. Matter consists of atoms. Atoms have a nucleus of protons and neutrons made of sub-atomic particles that are types of persistent energy and higgs bosons in a Higg Field of energy. If that nucleus were the size of a baseball the electrons that sort of orbit by popping into and out of existence in different locations would range from 10 football fields to many miles away with nothing in between, So basically everything is mostly nothing..."

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Right. Nothing. Same as me. Only difference is, I don't pretend like I care about it.


This is not what I was talking about. I am not saying anything about being forced to worship. But you got to admit, that America is considered a Christian country by a vast majority of people living here and around the world. Yes, we are free to worship who we choose or not. Yet again, just like the US is considered a "Christian nation", the Middle East is considered a "Muslim nation".


Can we start telling Enoch to get back in his Burka when he annoys us?


And everyone single member of the 11 million ILLEGAL aliens has committed at least one crime, and usually more. 100% of them have committed a crime.


That was Steph's f you


15 years ago, as far as the Christian Right went, it was difficult to find anyone who wasn?t for war with Iraq. The only ones I can think of off hand were Pat Buchanan and Ron Paul. Here he is talking about that war, as well as Iran and Syria, just a month or two ago. He doesn?t seem to be showing any signs of neoconservativism.


It's not my fault if you resent being exposed for making claims you can't prove up.


Does someone want to help me drink some beer? Instead of a pony keg, my husband got a regular keg to put in his new toy. Now, I know we're beer drinkers, but this is ridiculous.


Yes; I have seem images of that teaching, inside the Museum of The Inquisition, in Lima Peru, the actual 'Casa del Tribunal de la Sagrada Inquisicion' (translate this, please).


YOU are the claimant. YOU have the burden of proof. If you can't meet it, which obviously you can't, you are a fraud. If you try to foist YOUR burden of proof off on me, which you are not attempting, you area cheat. Put up or shut up!


I could see that in the UK, where religion & the government have a history of being officially entwined and there is a single official religion. Here in the USA though, we ostensibly aren't supposed to do to that. Partially because there's no way to tell which denomination will gain power & impose their beliefs on others.


Put on condoms during lunch?


Thank you Anna, for your thoughts! ???????


Then how is it that she wasn't stoned to death being pregnant and unwed?


Adamant is a good word for it.


Apparently, in some religious groups, it is still considered a sin.


Actually many of them do.


If its stolen, the device can be bypassed. It doesn't make the firearm permanently harmless. They're also pretty expensive. But sure, if I had a firearm, I'd probably use one.


100% of astrophysicists agree that the universe was created supernaturally


Is the zygote a human?


Whether YOU accept it or not, they worship the same god of the buybull that you do. They use the buybull, but their main book is the Quran. They just have a totally different theology than Christians do.


When I go into the lab next door to my office to tell the kids in there to keep the noise down, should I say:


So, are liberals evil? No, they?re stupid or perhaps more accurately, close-minded, emotion-driven people with no common sense and a wholly unjustified superiority complex. -Are Liberals Evil Or Stupid?


Thanks. Theres a thousand of these examples. :D


Seriously, get some of these nuts a job so they can do something productive with their time and not leech more money from blue states.


"Congress shall make no law regarding an establishment of religion"


No, no. Before I even giggle at your silly assed demand that I engage in alternate history story telling, back up. Give me a citation showing that Romans refused to speak Greek or use Greek script during the 3rd century CE. Just because Plutarch stated in the 2nd c. that 'all men use Latin' doesn't mean they refused to learn any other language. Nor does it imply that xenophobia was the reason for the split. Honestly, I'm quite surprised you'd make such an obviously absurd statement, given that Rome's multiculturalism makes it very difficult to discern the extent of any given language at that time in various parts of the Empire. Greek certainly became the primary language in the Eastern Orthodox Empire. That's not the same as 'People in the West refused to speak Greek and use Greek script.' No, sweetie. You're out on a limb and you know it. Why else ask me to engage in such a fatuous exercise?


All of us, religious or not, have feelings, emotions, we are influenced by our surroundings, by the majesty of nature (or the cruelty of nature). None of this is any proof of a supernatural being which ios interested in our affairs. All these feelings and emotions (love, bigotry, hatred, awe, etc.) are produced by the activity of our brains, influenced by surroundings, culture, our idea of beauty or ugliness, upbringing, nationality and dozens of other things. One thing that impresses one person will not necessarily do the same for anyone else. I, for example, am bowled over by the nudes of Lucien Freud, others not so much. Here is one, what does it do for you?

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