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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

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"Poor old flabby cheeks is a Kim fan!"

She's only dangerous to outsiders. I just wanted to Ladybly up and see that it really was just a dream, but I didn't wake from my nightmare.

He slapped her bare ass cheeks a couple of times before pulling her thong out from her crevice. Wait and see. We were all totally trashed. I'd been friends with them for years. Alan easily side stepped expecting the doctor to rush past him.

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I follow no religion. I assumed you did. Either way the missionaries way was better. We could maybe have atheist or democracy missionaries.


Well, that didn?t take long....


Yeah, there's still Jews in the world. Have been for ages.


I'm a non-Canadian who really likes CFL, but I can't pick a fave team to get behind. A lot of teams have players I like, but my favorite CFLer (Darien Durant) retired. Any advice out there as to who is worthy of random fandom?


>>"You?ve barely even acknowledged the fact that he was willing to sell other, ready-made items to this couple. In fact, you?ve never told us why you think he was willing to do so, and for obvious reasons you probably never will."<<


you re free to do whatever you want... God is capturing 3000 Muslims a day and 30,000 Chinese each day for Christ!!!


I guess you skipped over the "made up disease" part of the statement.


You just saw it?


Most people know quite a bit about science. Much like publicly funded health care, civilized nations provide their citizens with a good education.


The Greek Orthodox know their stuff. And they think the Roman Catholics are hopelessly schismatic. :-)


It means you need my D


When beer is a buck you can join in.


My congrats to Mueller et al for their stunning revelations so far. /S.


Sure, sure, sure. You will just keep digging your grave and burying yourself in your attempts to twist the words of John Adams to verify your cognitive dissonance.


Naw, not about that. My husband said he didn't approve of me wearing just panties under my dress on Saturday.


Indeed, and that "recursiveness" as you rightly point out is observed clearly in awakening experiences such as Ray Anderson CEO of Interface Carpet multinational. His, and the company?s, alignment with the sensibilities strongly in parallel with groups like Greenpeace and motivation to seek beyond non-polluting to ecological restoration were remarkable at various levels in beginning to overcome the artificial Nature vs. Jobs formulation dilemma. In Philosophy itself, the positions of Holmes Rolston III?s Environmental Ethics, Max Oelschlager?s Philosophical "Care of Creation" advocacy for Religious environmentalism, and John B. Cobb?s extension of Whitehead?s Process Philosophy into the Process Theology of Ecological Civilization are interesting positions to consider.


The overreach was forcing them to post information on where to obtain abortions.

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