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Saturday, February 24, 2018

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"Let's face it. Many people (young and old) have a penchant for passing around some really wrong history."

She didn't want to lose Lindsey. Each counts as four right. Ella's cooking was better than anyone else' back home. I pulled into the same gate way as last night and told Alice to get amatkre the car.

It sooo intense for her. I scooted Chuck a little sideways from the camera then began to fuck him for all I was worth.

Got it?" Before Rylee could even answer Dalton was sucking on her neck small silent moans filled the mini gym. Of course with our connecting doors open and the fact that Samantha was sleeping with me Debra wound up in Matute room too.

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I'm not the one that denies the threat of MS-13.


My statement holds until evidence to the contrary is forthcoming, which of course it will never be.


Yes. Your weakness and lack of confidence in your <ahem!> knowledge is quite sad,


You ever met moosehorn


"Donald Trump has made a lot of bad choices and became the president and filthy rich."


Nah. People are only getting less religious. No need to force religion.


Amazing what we can pack into a sentence these days!


But babies are pure souls. Yet they suffer such terrible maladies induced by malware on the DNA code, by the evil programmer of God.


Please, do tell me how you're oppressed when you can sit a few feet away from a woman and blame problems within the building project on the architect being a woman.


It is clear from the early church fathers, and there have been no new discoveries to prove them wrong. The wishful thinking by Jesus Seminar is worthless, as they have zero authority on the matter. None.


Atheism or political ideologies that the majority of atheists adhere to (which political ideologies are those?) have played a role in Europe's global domination? - No they did not. Religion and monarchies did. The international slave trade? No. Supported by and maintained by Christians and Muslims.


Like having fun with a chronic yeast infection you mean?


Israel is a terrorist state


Who's to say that she isn't now who she was born to be?


LOL!!! Peter, I'm not the one trying to prove a point.


So God did not give His son as a sacrifice.?.?.?


??Hmm...we have to find a way to put Mrs. Hot Stuff's prints on that shovel too. Then call the police when she comes outside again, to report "suspicious activity"????????I threw that leg bone and shovel in her shed??


Welcome aboard, better late than never.

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