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Sunday, March 4, 2018

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"Got a full plate, but I'll put it on the list. Thanks."

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Drunk Selena swallows cum :D

Samantha and Debra were two of the finest looking women on the beach that day. That first night in Philadelphia my wife made fnd to both women for over an hour. More and more people showed up and there was this one girl that caught my attention.

Mom phoned the doctor and she's expecting us. I didn't here do you want my dick?!" Dalton says as he fingered Rylee faster "YES!. "What have you been up to?" she asked. I checked the email every day and funneled info to the detective who has been working with the Sheriff.

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I'm not a robot...


Genesis is very clear: Adam's soul entered his body, and his life began, when he started breathing. If it hasn't breathed, it wasn't human, and doesn't have a soul. Things without souls don't get into heaven.


You are well learned


Well the woman that wrote that article is an officer, anyone in the military knows officers are the laziest do-nothings in the military. So, I don't really have any respect for her opinions on what the enlisted do. Also, she comes across as the type of woman to blame another woman for being raped because she had a short skirt on. Then she states a reason to not have women in the infantry is because it will make cases of sexual assault/harassment increase, again, she is blaming the victims here. I appreciate your BF's service, but I don't agree. I only know what I've seen and experienced.


WTF? He does mean obviously the LACK of pornography, right?


Lunatic Israelis who think the temple should be rebuilt, the Philistines expelled from the land God gave to Israel, and everything taken back to the good old days of... what 800 BC? The distressingly crazy edges of the settler movement with pure religious motivation.


Verse without context. i.e. cherry-picked


lmao ugh, ok ok... let me put some things together.


Lol. So dissemination and misdirection is your tactic here? Never mind the issue, is this guy qualified to say it? Funniest thing I've read today. So you're the competence committee. I should have checked first. Your arrogance knows no bounds. No wonder there's no room for anyone's opinion but the ones that agree with you and the few feeble minded cattle you can trick. Stand firm in it then. Don't let a little thing like facts get in the way!


The breath was symbolic for the spirit/soul. That happens at conception.


"World leaders were upset Trump wasn't a cookie cutter politician"


Agreed. I need to watch Diane's segment


Yep, if you hate people for being Christian that is bigotry. However, pointing put a christian is being a bigot, is not itself bigotry


I love this song!


The Mad Max Air Mover has made it's return today. I forgot it was in a box under my desk for the winter. Ahhhhhhh......


Sadly, I suspect you're right. I think more people have horror stories than people who grew up in a family feeling safe and deeply loved. Early child development is so critical, it's not surprising this world is such a mess. Growing up in fear of the people who are supposed to love us creates wounds and handicaps we carry for a lifetime.


No, I worship GOD. Omnipresent, Omniscient, All Powerful. You worship the creation. I worship the creator.


I admit what is true, not what is wished by others.


Not you. Landsnark. Hence Gottabesaid's apparent "arrogence".


caps won 4-3


It is a much more interesting fact that


"Spontaneous creation is logically impossible, correct! I agree, I believe God has to exist for this world to be created. It simply doesn't make sense that life spontaneously came to be."


I agree, that they don't have to be at war, but they very often are when certain religious types try to force religion into science. They are not the same thing and many religious beliefs are not compatible with science at all.


But sodomites created the internet which you are using therefor you are guilty by association.


Could be a Mr Moses malfunction.


Not as many as Americans have burned.


Only about a third of the world's population accept Christianity.


Mmm, gruel, I'm coming over, it's my childhood treat! ??


or maybe you have just given us an argument that we are actually living in hell and phillips are only used in heaven??


As someone who has extensive firearm training, I agree wholeheartedly!


"Facts" from what perspective ? We might need a new word for what "facts" used to be so as to separate from perceived realities. It's a YUGE problem in these dark times..


That assumes XX or XY chromosomes are a determining factor to sexuality, not just biological sex. Having an attraction does not in and of itself prove that one is born with a specific sexual orientation.


oh Goodie NO politics, so this is where I can ask you and Zangie to gather your fellow inmates and head over to Banned Camp to vote for your favorite SNOWFLAKE!


I'm not denying it's a thing, nor am I included in it.


No the opposite

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