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Sunday, March 4, 2018

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"Response from ignorant store owner."

" "Regardless of my freedom, you paid for me and that makes me your property. Fiery red wavy hair fell down to her shoulders.

The only noise that she made was a high pitched painful squeal every time Ian drilled in to her.

couple outdoor fuck

Wow. The hot water felt good on my skin, washing off the grime and dust of moving. I was just leaving the county jail when I was asked to stop by and see the Sheriff.

He pushed down hard at the top of my back until I was forced face down onto my pillow. I wanted to laugh as I talked to conservative Abby on the phone, wondering what she'd think if she could see my little treasure box. "Hi, darling; why don't you tell me about your day.

Just as you feel your self app ouch the point of no return you hear a cough. " "I didn't, did I. But the real strange thing was that their were no body's or body parts, just blood. All of sudden I hear this female voice say,"Michael wake up, hey it time to pay attention.

It was best that I go alone. She turned to face him, wrapped her arms around his neck and reached up for their first kiss.

After a couple of minutes she spoke 'please may I masturbate, please master' she begged, pleaded with me, I could see her pussy leaking. The two weeks flew by all too quickly.

"You're absolutely right," I said as I leaned down and kissed her softly on the lips.




Same. At least my knowledge can help the next generation, lol


Well. you tell me. How many recorded gods are there currently and how many in prior mythologies? Are all of them the same? Wasn't it men who wrote or made up all the stories? I don't see any one of them that says, "written by god". If there is only one god, why wouldn't the inspiration to write the stories be exactly the same all the time across all the religions? The real truth is, you can't prove god any more than I can disprove god. The thing is, my concept does not tie me down to a deity that has done many despicable thing and require fealty. Mine doesn't take people's rights away or make certain groups as second class.


No, this is all Trump. The 589 billion growth in the debt since January of this year and the 1.1 trillion growth since inauguration day is all Trump. You did not actually beleive that our debt was decreasing under Trump, did you?


Their beards are so creepy. *shivers*


And I deeply disagree. They were definitely trying to make a religion-free government and let the nation's citizens have the freedom to worship Whomever they wanted in whatever way they wanted, or not at all.


That God created it, and that it happened in stages -- things didn't start off exactly as they are now. I think "inchoate" would be the word.


and what, exactly will they do about "this foolishness"?


yep. I wanted to use the scenario in the news but I purposely used lifestyle choice instead of LGBTQ. If someone doesn't have to treat same-sex couples exactly the same as different-sex couples when it clearly isn't as simple as a lifestyle choice, what's to stop them from saying they heard you're swingers and their religion disagrees with that actual lifestyle choice so they can't bake your cake?


It was referred to as Christendom for centuries by historians. And for good and obvious reasons, of course.


All of the above?

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