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Thursday, February 15, 2018

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"Me me me me me Me! What's my prize?"

Without warning he pushes it all the way in. I told her to bring it back on a tray from next to the pizza pans. I haven't forgotten about you.

By this time Rylee was soaking wet and Dalton started undoing her pants.


Alan was saying. " "Hey, gotta make a good first impression. Unless you want everyone to see you for a dirty slut, I suggest you do togrther you're told. She had a 36 handicap when I had first met her. I was infatuated by her. I pointed to the house Tom lived in and opened the car door. It takes a moment but I watch as Natsuko absently grabs the opposite end of the blanket and tries to pull it over herself only to find there isn't enough.

He togethee out then again he pushes it all the way in, this time he pushes and holds it there. So although only 3pm it was relatively dark within.

You have never claar so satisfied, you can't help but do anything to make her happy.




That's the axe he'll use to chop off all the pigs at the trough heads with hahahaha


Have you seen SuperTroopers (2001)?


I really don't care how they "feel" about it. they all worship the dollar, and fear the US military. I don't particularly like Walmart, but they sure do have cheap gym socks! so, I hold my nose and give them my money.


actually, it's more like, until evidence supports the claim, I will continue to think it is bogus. Just like I do for the loch ness monster


or you could just read the Constitution and realize that Colin Kaepernick is better for the health of our democracy than 500 clones of you. You might also want to review what patriotism is.


Who cares if there's an absence of "gun deaths". People are no less dead when they're killed with something other than a gun.


I understand and I would change his statement from saying 'the world wide', that is blatantly untrue.


It's not Complicated. It's censorship.


green is stuck on hi theory...no matter its frailty...


SJW's are fully ammune to sense.


Honestly..give it 10-15 years, this guy would make a heck of a president.


And don't forget Dear Old Aunt Zeituni, Obama's father's half-sister.


Naughty children need to be raped and murdered? That's what God, the FATHER allows.


I'm not so sure that that's his "genius" as much as it is his supporters gullible stupidity.


The general moral principle can be, just not the specifics. For example, every major religion I?m aware of has teachings against things like murder, theft, lying, etc. Now they may differ in some ways on what constitutes murder, theft, etc. but the general principle is objective while the application is subjective. I would say this is true for all humanity. We have a general idea of morality that seems to be objective but we have different applications of this morality based on various influences and experiences in our lives and cultures. This is evident by the fact that we generally consider people who do not follow the basic human morality that everyone seems to have as suffering from some type of psychopathy. If someone does not have a moral understanding that it is wrong to kill, lie, steal, etc. we think their brain is not functioning correctly. If these morals are totally subjective then why would the lack of empathetic or moral understanding of these principles constitute a psychiatric disorder rather than just a subjective opinion?


Thanks for mentioning the homework aspect as well Stefy. I think this is a big issue in that we place a lot of emphasis on only ONE form of 'success' in this country. I was auto subscribed to some blog which taught ways to become a 'high achiever,' and the expectation was seriously ridiculous.


I've been dealing with this guy for a bit now. He's convinced himself the Catholics and the Jesuits are about to take over America and Great Britain.


Neither...., why fabricate "false choice" fallacies.


Yeah, it was surreal watching it burn in PJs, no shoes, standing in dew covered grass while the sun came up.


Nope. It is a human system. Humans don't like dealing with continuous variables so they arbitrarily draw lines and assign labels to groups. You don't know this?


One always has a choice in posting -- focus on faults, and use those to shut down dialog, or look for what is interesting, and search out the dialog opportunities.


The good news is that religious faith is fizzling out in Europe.


Excuse me? What country do you live in?


Just to set the record strait I voted for Obama and I am white. He did a few things I did not agree with at all but it was never about race and my wording was not correct. The point I was trying to make is this war between the two parties is not helping anyone and doing nothing to help the American people. If this war does not stop it will get ugly and only a fool would want that.


CBC got them at 6


All that you've said is cool, like what Einstein did with Relativity, except that supernature is not in the same league.


So you're just going to "copy and paste"?


wow, that's actually true, isn't it?


" Give me a citation showing that Romans refused to speak Greek or use Greek script during the 3rd century CE."


Attempting to use "Texas IQ" as an insult again? You're pathetic.


Take over the finances! Don't let her have money to waste!


Are you kidding?! That's the homing beacon to the egg!


Well the OP's question is "what's your favorite sin" so you just said being gay is your favorite.


Few Christians if any. Most are just playing along. Actions matter not words. Lots of people say they believe. Lots of people's actions show they do not. So 2.2999999 billion hypocrites. I'm waiting to meet my first Christian.

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