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Sunday, February 18, 2018

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"Where did you earn yours? What was your dissertation?"

" Rylee said with a beaming smile "Hey Rylee what's up" Dalton said smiling back at Rylee "I have to um tell you something" Rylee said with a worried face "well actaully I wanted to tell you something too" Dalton said with a uneasy face "Well Dalton I have been meaning to tell you.

You can take it. We kissed for five or more minutes until Vanns broke it to ask, "How about that back rub?" I moved first to her feet. Some were cute to me, but one kid stood out amongst all the others.

Meanwhile, Bob was standing behind her admiring the sight of her naked ass peeking out from beneath her dress. She came harder the second time and pussy juice ran out of her canal. She gagged again and jerked back and I allowed her to this one time. Ella turned to him, finally giving him a good view of her gates of paradise.

A series of root like strands suddenly appeared and tried to ensnare Alan. Debra the other woman in our group was much more conservative and wouldn't go topless. " "Oh God, I hope so. I decided to pin my wings vamna my shirt pocket so that everyone could see them.

"Fine, sorry. I always thought Katie had a great body, but I was wrong.




And what is your source for this?


Yes this is a relationship channel.


You made a blanket statement saying that these Muslim immigrants were coming to America to mooch off the welfare system.


Sephora has more "high end" products, and wider selection so it makes sense it's snootier. Ulta sells pharmacy brand cosmetics in there.


So you just say no and you win?


Good Morning Jay


The scripture does not mention Lydia having a husband. When Lydia was baptized so were all the members of her household... this implies Lydia was the head of her house.


Yes, but you're trying to make a distinction between the "contract" for a sheet cake and the "contract" for a wedding cake. There is no difference. Both involve custom art. Both employ the cake maker's skills. Both are specified by the customer, not the cake maker. Both involve order forms. But you yourself have said that he would make them the one and not the other, so it's not about artistic skill or creative input.


Let me get this straight the left is gonna get uncivil with the side they complain has too many guns.....gotcha?. let me know how that works out for ya.


Whoa... that's... kinda a great idea.


If its stolen, the device can be bypassed. It doesn't make the firearm permanently harmless. They're also pretty expensive. But sure, if I had a firearm, I'd probably use one.


I'm only going by what's in the Bible. It's not like I made it up.


Glad she?s up front about it, still doesn?t make it good. We got some tough medicine coming, and nobody wants to hear that, which is, I?m sure why Ford?s being vague. I?m not sure the electorate as a whole are smart enough to understand that we need to get our finances under control.


How do you not share the fact that you are pregnant with your friend, while your stomach grows bigger by the day? And how do you avoid speaking of it, especially in a group setting?


I wouldn't be too upset if they found a way to kill her off and continue the show.


Cats know that evolution was put in place to produce them.


Clithangers?!?!?!?! Jesus, that sounds painful!


To say science makes God unnecessary. Science can show us many things but it can't show us God or what God does.


They weren?t asking for something that the baker didn?t provide to anyone else.


No shit i'm not a redneck. Redneck is nothing to be proud of. And yes, you've already told us the type of men you prefer.


Being born gay is no more a sin than being born black or left-handed.


What evidence of theories have you discovered, Mr. Scientist?


...says the most pompous ass on CA News...


I did, in my op, I said that it?s unconstitutional for churches to have a superior status of tax exemption simply because they?re religious, and I backed it up using the first amendment. You then said they should be exempt if charitable or religious, which I pointed out your charity claim as moot. Afterwards you said it?s because they are nonprofit, and started bringing up tax returns of orange gods, which I pointed out as a straw man. I asked you why non-profit deserves tax exemption if it?s not for charity, as many non-profits pay a variety of taxes, and now your mumbling about getting trapped. This wasn?t a trap. I made my point at the very beginning. You just seem out of your depth. Having to recap our own conversation for you is evidence of that. See how the claim and evidence demonstration works now?


Lol, they do! I watch as they splutter and say, but you don' can't..then I say, can too, and if I had kids, I would have the most polite, smart children ever!


I wish I had the mindset that all my choices are the 'best ones' lol instead I'm always like OMG I'm screwing him up and he's going to be a failure as an adult bc I didn't do things correctly!!! noooooooo!


Sure I do, evidence can be viewed in many different ways, yours is not the only way to view the evidence.


Wrong on the first sentence.

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