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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

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""If someone wants the choice to have an abortion, then they should pay for it. I do not think the Federal Government, or any tax dollars for that matter, should be used to pay for abortions""

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Yes, but the doctrine does not go to purpose, only ability. It is perfectly ok for a married couple to have sex simply because they want to, so long as the lovemaking culminates in an act open to procreation.


You made a false claim about the ACA creating $10T in debt. The fact that such ludicrous numbers came out of your pie hole is, frankly, not a surprise. You cleary don't have a good grasp of math.


Another attempt at ad hom. (ridicule by implication). When in fact your straw man of my me is incorrect. I am not a Christian.


I in no way approve of those in the above picture. However these nice boys in the following picture want to do the same thing. Do you notice any difference?


Aww, don't you like dogs?


No need. They are addressing the problem appropriately.


Hm... that doesn't sound fair to me.


Sure, you could, but then you'd have to establish its legitimacy on the world theater. A religion of but one follower will not likely pass muster.


No, I'm not saying he should be arrested, I'm just saying owners don't have to hire him if they disagree with his views our if his kneeling for the anthem is bad for business.


Then why must i pay for it?


Regardless, Americans aren't stupid and the collective coordinated daily attacks on their president is backfiring Shawsy.


It's very you. :)




And there we have it again...taken from another atheist website to show that atheists can use google. Now what does the verse mean? In context with the Old Testament and with Jesus' coming and his death and Resurrection? How does God use his son to change our hearts and transform us? How does the Holy Spirit renew our hearts and minds so that we become more like Jesus? How has "everything" been accomplished?


Our sexuality (sex, sexual identity and sexual orientation) are complex biological and sociological attributes that exist for every person. The sooner we recognize that we are each on a journey and learn to accept that journey, the sooner we can reach the utopia that we seek


I have 23 years of public service in a non-union capacity, and some of your statements are plain wrong. So I'd like to provide some facts from my state...


"anyone who claims refugee status has a right to a hearing on the matter." - but applying for a refugee status does not require illegally crossing the border, does it? Anyway we speak of asylum applicants, not refugees.


Cats and dogs?! Eeeewwwww!??

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