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Saturday, March 3, 2018

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"No, I don't believe anyone here is racist. So far as I know. All I suggested yesterday is that as a person of color (and I cringe using that term) I perhaps view the matter of presuming someone's innocence differently than perhaps many caucasian folks would, and suggested that those who didn't see my side of the debate, perhaps consider the lens through which I was viewing it. If I was going to accuse someone of racism, I would do it blatantly and succinctly. That said, I could probably count on one hand the number of times I've done so. That's not a card I play very often..."

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Tiny Asian Awesome Ass Fuck & Anal Creampie

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Yet most historians who dealt with the demographic question agree that Christianity, though certainly large and well-organized, was still a minority of the Roman population when Constantine came along. That makes his rule pretty determinative for the fate of the nascent religion. Of course, it can also be argued that Diocletian's persecutions set a rolling ball in motion that couldn't be stopped, and Constantine was only rolling with that ball.


"Silence is acquiescence!" It is up to the more moderate of the Believers to denounce the radicals, not the unbelievers. If I simply say, "I disagree", I as suddenly attacking them for absolutely no reason (look at the reactions of the Roy Moore believers) and they are the victims rather than as their real role as instigators.


There is no connection, though, is there? And why would a black sculptor refuse to build a cross sculpture for a KKK rally? You're dodging the question.


You don?t have a clue.


Because, in lieu of God as a First Cause/Creator whose existence can be derived from the cosmos, there still remains the God of divine union experience. The inner God, experienced inwardly. The God of the mystical traditions both Eastern and Western. The being who/which manifests in persons, not one who supposedly hides behind a universe that "He" created. The God who redeems, transforms, loves and enlightens not through external miracles performed upon matter, but through the perception of a very living, loving Presence in one's heart and soul. I would rather have a God who manifests within me rather than a hidden "Creator" about whose existence and nature I would have to guess about from a belief that Nature/the world/the universe must somehow be God's creation.


Don't be jelly!


Close to my Mom's age, she's a bit older.


Really? Never did that at a wedding. I just picked up a slice on a plate.


No I mean, how to navigate the field of law. How to learn what the correct answer is before you go to court and how to defend yourself in court.


The best version of the golden rule is the Hindu version. This is the sum of duty;do naught unto others what you would not have them do on to you.


The Pope is okay with anal as long as it's part of foreplay? LOL


That is correct. Until the person Proselytizing is made aware that the person to whom they are speaking finds it to be harassment, it is simply free speech.


Disagreed, pretty sure he did "recognize the gravity' of his actions. Again this wasn't spur of the moment and he was a teenager.


We'd have to discard most of Roman history. If they were making up a figure as central as Hannibal... then none of it's reliable.


there would be if we took our baggage there with us.


Jesus.....I understand what you are saying and I will abide by your wishes henceforth. However, as Al Eng (above) has noted even the black leaders are using the terms POC, I know it has been used by Talcum X (Shawn King) and I've no doubt it was a favorite of Rachel Dolezel and other African American leaders. My we use POC? BTW ......"negro" is a long way from the "N" word.


Were you really... I have to have family confirmation of this! :)


So does this mean that the reparations movement will stop?


Of course not.


I need him to save me when the day has me run ragged and my nerves are shot. He is my rock, and I'm his. He needs me to lean on when his days are stressful, or just plain hard.


This isn't a court of law.


How is it selfish?


It's a scam that begins with immigration law. Putting up major barriers against poor hard working people who then skirt the ridiculously slow and expensive process to come in illegally. Corporations LOVE undocumented people! Just like the minimum wage scam to keep the wage LOWER than what it would be otherwise in a free market. Just like with the war on drugs giving law enforcement and prison industry MAJOR profits along with politicians getting kickbacks from drug cartels who have much to gain as well.


You mean like a Simpson?


it is appointed unto man once to die and after that the judgment


you seem to think 12 Trump campaign officials meeting with FIFTY Russians and then lying about it is just nothing to worry about. right?


I have 23 years of public service in a non-union capacity, and some of your statements are plain wrong. So I'd like to provide some facts from my state...


All ya got to do is prove it did then. So far, no one has.


This folks, ^^^^ is a Trump supporting gun owner in his natural comfortable "working" IQ range.


Nope. It was the result of Him being absent.


Kim's husband is a fool


So he didn't like Crete? I figured he might have had something against the people of Lesbos.

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