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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

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Machinery Assault to the Beloved Maidens 5

"Hawking used to just be a putz. Now he is just plant food. Can I get an amen?"

"Don't worry girl. " She pushes you head to the ground and raises you ass in the air. I continued looking at the girl and she looked over at me and smiled and waved at me and I waved back.

Machinery Assault to the Beloved Maidens 5

Just please, be gentle," "I will," Arcadias said as he pushed his cock in another inch, deflowering the angel in his arms. She said ok, and when she got up we hugged briefly, and I kissed her gently on the mouth. "Are you okay," She asks quietly. Really.

I sit down on the couch and get a Rachael shaped ball of cuddle attacking me and resting her head in my lap. Alan shook his head it had obviously drained him more than he thought, looking at Truda then back at Angelika.

I knew that I wouldn't be able to last any longer than this. "I thought I knew fighting but if this is what your dad teaches he should open a school," Ben says drinking some water. I started recording her as she toyed with her nipples.

Samantha put them on the counter and grabbed onto it to steady herself. Joseph had texted her to tell her about the rape. Just when I laid eyes on her I knew that I wanted to protect her.

This time as her lips contact the bottom of his crown she grasps his shaft with her hand and continues sliding her mouth upward. Eventually the Path took me to a truck stop on the side of the highway a couple miles away from my house.

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Sadly? Those freedoms, at least under this psychotic administration is being ripped away from us. We have to do all we can to fight their attacks and attempts to do away with a secular government and install their theocratic nightmare they want to push onto all of us.


You honestly believe that men and women have been "hitting on" each other in bars for "centuries"? if so, then your view of history is pretty skewed.


No, I'm asking if the parable speaks to an illustrative rationale for leading a virtuous life for an atheist.


In the 70's science said that they could trace the universe back to the time it was the size of a basketball sized object. About 20 years ago they could trace it back to the size of a marble sized object. Just recently Hawkins said he could trace the universe back to the point of where there is almost nothing. Hawkins was the closest to agreeing with what Moses wrote in Genesis 3500 years ago when he wrote that God spoke the universe into existence. I could have educated Hawkins on this when I was a little child. So..... can you be educated like Hawkins?


Your example is funny. I went through something similar with my daughter and her car a couple months back.


He created a zero tolerance policy for federal employees--something the president is--and then broke it himself.


You are clearly not very good at doing that.


Trump destroys himself under the weight of his own stupidity. Trump said he couldn't do anything about the self-inflicted immigration crisis. The man is a flip flop with bad hair.


Ours was short and sweet, maybe 10 minutes


Nothing to debate because you are not going to change a persons belief.


Are you taking the Bible literally or not? Because it is pretty straightforward about it:


Like i really need to be preached to by some panty sniffing male feminist. You need to man up.


Given the sir at the beginning of your name I am now imagining you slapping me across the face with a metal gauntlet and I pick up a morning star to acknowledge my acceptance of your duel.


Religion would have to be the first things that people would have to give up in order to procreate without guilt. Remember this was to be a temporary mission that because of nothing they did, they are the last humans. Some of these people left wives, children on earth, and religion is the only thing that would stand between them, and taking on a new partner without guilt.


Actually, it's absent in humans, certain monkeys, and majority of hoofed mammals, to name some examples. As for hoofed mammals, one can easily find a wide range of sizes comparable to humans - from a pony to a moose. If that won't be enough - it is also absent for most of water-dwelling mammals too.


The Bible says that we live in a fallen universe. It is our sin that has corrupted it and created death and suffering. God will, in His time, restore His creation to perfection. Before He does that, judgment will happen. Those without a relationship with the Saviour and found to be in their sins will perish in hell. Want to know what God did so that He could pardon guilty sinners?


1 - His church is built on Him.


"Someone like Hitler, whose crap caused the deaths of millions and hey, all he had to do was get on his knees and beg his gawd for forgiveness and all that innocent blood he spilled is somehow magickally forgotten and he is rewarded."


Okay... did my reading to answer the questions.


I think it's interesting, too...! Because it lets me see "all in God" and "God in all", which to me is an aesthetically and spiritually pleasing view...


It was unintentional. There was a mix up


Friction is not your friend. Remember to lube generously.


Not quite. go do your research and bring it here to me disproving what ive said....and take some alka seltzer while youre at it ;)


Maybe he's a ghost.... we know he's white and not too bright.


If we are not made to be Gods too how is God then going to fullfill His hearts desire in your opinion?


read about him, start talking to him - when you walk, driving a car. You can read the bible, or read what some of the most brilliant minds have written about him. But start with the gospels, that's a great place to start.


We don't know what "real" is, but we do know that there are two primary classes of things in the universe. Those which appear to have proximal supporting intersubjectively verifiable evidence, which qualifies them as "more than imaginary" and those which occur solely in the brain, which qualifies them as "imaginary". Because the "imaginary" occurs as signals and structure in the brain, it remains within the domain of science, and can be investigated in situ. For example, we can now use brain imaging to visualize the contents of dreams and thoughts, investigate which brain modules are associated with different kinds of thinking, directly inject thoughts and actions into the brain, and invoke or suppress brain activity.


I understand and you are right sir. That's all that counts. Your true friends and family always know the real you.


hardware store owner posts a "No Gays Allowed" sign on his storefront in light of the supreme court ruling about that baker.


Do you mean a creation ex nihilo?


3 rings is child's play... ????


I don't know if I'd call it comfortably numb, but I just realize I turn into Doc Spock when stressed. It can be a real asset too when it's not creating misunderstandings with more emotional people around me.


I'm unfamiliar with Buddhism but I did think it impossible for this to be an original thought. Just because it was so simple. I'm glad it isn't, If i wanted to know more what should I look for?


I don't have enough spare money to tell a blind man to sing, due to my wife impulsive buying and her being an easy victim of consumerism techniques, I have huge debt, we have fights about what food we buy when are doing groceries cause we have to save as much money as possible since each month we aren't saving anything just getting more and more debt.

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